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2004-01-26 - 6:04 p.m.

the 800th customer

Another day as the 800th customer.

I went to the College today to try make some more progress on my lectures and getting signed up for things. The progress remains painfully slow.

We began with the key that I was issued - the one that is supposed to work on my lock but doesn't. I went back to the locksmith. He took a special trip over and discovered that for some reason, somehow, the lock on my door had been changed, but he didn't know about it. "That's really strange and doesn't really ever happen." uh huh. In the end I shouldn't complain because he got me my key and replaced the lock again.

While I was sitting and waiting for a lock to reappear...I tried troubleshooting my computer connection. After three hours of strange malfunctions that "no one had ever seen before," we determined that the line in my office had never worked properly anyway. So...computing has to come over and replace the line. Great.

The next thing on the agenda was to fix the phone. I just needed to look up this guy Joe Gong in the phone book and he'd set me right up. Only, there's no phone book in my office either.

Oh, there's also no computer. I was using my personal laptop to have all this fun...

The wireless LAN also doesn't work, but only in my corner of the building.

I couldn't print either - the computer labs are locked and faculty aren't allowed to have keys.

The last task of the day was to sign up for retirement and health benefits. After today I will choose the plan that offers the best deals for mental stress therapy.

Ok, ok...there is a bit of melodrama in this email. I KNOW that getting set up is hard (the guy across from me who has been at Queens for a year and a half just had the ceiling collapse into his lab...)...The best thing that I can say is that indeed, I was still laughing at the end of the day. Perhaps not tomorrow however...I still have to go in to troubleshoot computing and go to meetings..and the lectures aren't written and the transparencies from the text book company haven't arrived...

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