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2004-09-04 - 5:33 a.m.

Importunate dreams thoughts bugs and relations

The timestamp on this entry is VERY early for me, and even more remarkable when I realize that I've already been awake for an hour and a half. I guess I still get jittery before I have to travel, and last night's sleep was no exception.

Instead of sleeping my head spent the entire night going through various weight lifting exercises at the gym. These dreams always leave me exhausted. Parts of me still remain rather stiff (most likely from yesterday's workout, not from last night's dream).

Exhaustion could also come from the fact that Lyra woke me up at slightly after 4am, astir with excitement, "LOOK! LOOK! A BUG! LOOK! A BUG!" - Indeed it was a bug on the table next to my bed, and unfortunately an extremely strange-looking one (brown with wings and bright yellow legs - <>). Strange enough that my spinal cord forced my legs to move my body rapidly out of bed, retrieve a thick paper towel, and dispose of the creature.

And then it was basically over. I lay in bed thinking, is it advantageous to have cats to point these curious oddities of nature out to us in order to jar us immediately out of slumber before said creatures walk across our noses? Or, is it far superior just to give the many-legged things free range because they have it anyway, and it would just be better not to know. When your mind delves into complicated tree-falling-in-forest issues such as these at 4:15am, you know that it's just time to give up the ghost and get out of bed. Which is what I did.

I leave for my cousin's wedding party at 8am this morning (that is, I have to be at Penn Station and purchase a ticket before 8am), which means I should get myself into gear (haven't packed yet). Wish me luck with the Republican half of my family. I shall remember to tell them that I am living happily with five men (or something equally absurd) when they ask about the future of my marital status. And, I shall always remember that one can utter the phrase, "eat shit and die" through the teeth without moving lips, thereby making a smile much more genuine in the tightest spots. (oo, nasty, aren't I? but it really does work with the chair of the department).

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