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2005-01-30 - 10:43 p.m.

productivity, but at what cost...

It is fast approaching my bedtime on Sunday night, and I am kind of pleased by this. This weekend I'm afraid that I've become permanently attached to the chair before my computer. This weekend I've managed to:

- revise a manuscript
- write a two-page summary of what I did all last semester
- assemble all the rest of the documents needed for my evaluation tomorrow
- revise the proposal ... TWICE
- prepare the proposal budget
- write and post a lecture
- write and post two homework sets
- prepare my 2004 federal tax return

I think this represents a rather productive work weekend. I think, however, that I'm beginning to live the life of a shut-in. I haven't paid much attention to the rest of my life (most notably the laundry...) and I feel a bit like a blob. This happened at the beginning of last semester, too. I simply don't want to be around people and I can't be bothered with normal routine items until they are absolutely necessary. (am rapidly approaching laundry emergency...).

My mother called this evening and made me exceedingly jealous. She and Jack had spent yesterday's ice storm upstairs in bed watching movies and drinking red wine. Tonight they were just about to start their second feature film. It sounded so cozy and domestic and, well, full of togetherness.

Meanwhile, in my life, K finally got his telephone and DSL fixed, which means we communicated for the first time in five days. He went to a party with all of our friends (described to me), and then promptly fell ill again. (same cold: stuffy nose, sore throat, lots of herbal tea - he's miserable and even more miserable to talk with. hmph.) The end result is that I've got the blues.

I'm climbing into bed with my pot of herbal tea and my two cats, and I'm going to read a Mitchener novel about Poland until I can no longer keep my eyes open. Hopefully this will drive all work activities from my mind so that I no longer dream about calculating eastern European population curves to the tune of experimental banjo and accordion Polish polka duets. (yes, this was my dream last night. I swear there was a hidden message in the banjo lick containing the secret to sustainable development.)

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