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2005-02-24 - 7:49 p.m.

reprieve, and SNOW!!

Hip hip hooray, I made it through another week! And I finished grading ALL of the essays. I handed them back to the students today and explained to them what is expected. I think that some were rather irritated that I had not explained in detail how to write an essay BEFORE the assignment. It was rather uncomfortable - I don't like to explain an assignment after the fact, but then again, I honestly didn't expect to have to explain writing skills. Well, we'll see what happens next time, now that they have strategies before them. If they pick these ideas up this semester, I will feel that we have really accomplished something. I just hope it doesn't kill me. Today I am resolved to be positive! (as I dive into the NEXT grading tasks - an exam and a homework).

I had two other unusual experiences for a Thursday. I was asked to give a presentation at the college's environmental week. Just a 10-15 minute thing in which I plan to talk about global warming and climate disasters. The event actually sounds like fun - apparently more than 300 people show up, and this year they are planning to show The Day After Tomorrow.

I was also interviewed by a high school student who is doing a school project about what it takes to be a scientist. The interviewer turned out to be quite a dynamic young woman - very intelligent and well-spoken. She asked very good questions and I was impressed at how well she was engage me. In fact she is planning to come and sit in on one of my classes in a couple of weeks.

An interesting day. We are already blanketed by 3-4 inches of snow, which is just lovely. Probably not so fun for the drivers, but I was happily humming a few bars of Mozart with a big silly grin on my face. I seem to have returned to the theme that snow makes me feel like a big kid. Oh, and beating the plague probably doesn't hurt, either!

Okay, I'm just going to go ooze enthusiasm on my pets for a little while. I love the exasperated look of a cat when you try to hug it.

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