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2005-12-04 - 11:19 a.m.

snow...PFFT!...the past

I woke up late this morning, with two cats huddled close to me, and peered sleepily out the window at a heavy grey sky smothering leafless trees. When I squinted up my eyes to focus a little more closely, I realized that the greys were actually whites - I sat up to look even more closely and saw that the rooftops and branches were covered in SNOW! My first snow of the year! Soon I will venture out to tromp through it - mostly to run to the laundromat, but at least I'll be tromping through SNOW!!!


I went to the living room and lit up candles to complement the grey lighting and sound of snow shovels scraping against the sidewalks outside. I came back to the kitchen table to do some work. Shortly after sitting down I heard a strange series sounds:

"PFFT! PFFFT! 'raaer!' THUMP!"

I returned quickly to the living room, to see Lyra - the white flash - departing more rapidly than I had entered. The room stunk to high heaven - the smell of burnt fur. I had placed a lit candle next to one of Lyra's favorite perches (top of the stereo). Apparently her hindquarters are wider than they used to be..or she just wasn't expecting a flame.

I found her wide-eyed and huddled under the coffee table in the back room. The fur on her right rear flank is a bit shorter than before, a bit fringed with brown, and still a bit odiferous. Poor girl - she so loves her glorious white fur... But no permanent damage done, except perhaps to her delicate feline ego.


I just listened to a lovely radio piece on the banjo player Tony Trischka, which made me think fondly of my ex-beau (the frighteningly smart, bearded truck-driving banjo-playing cowboy, turned ocean-engineer). We did not part well and did not communicate for seven years. But last Christmas, I decided to email him and was gratified to receive a warm reply. Closure? I was glad to hear from him - he was an important person in my life for many years, and with the passing of years I've been able to put our time together into perspective. I have no wish to go back to that time, but I can now put his many positive qualities and our many good times above the pain I felt at the end. One of my fondest memories was sitting on the balcony with him while he played banjo, and I attempted to accompany him on the guitar. We called it "driving down the real estate prices." I haven't pushed my luck by writing to him often, but I was compelled to let him know that this neat banjo story reminded me of him.


Apparently, Christmas is the season of thinking of past loves. Last week I received an email from a 'boyfriend' from 16 years ago. We met at a 4-week field camp in Wyoming and were carried away by the beautiful scenery...I was rather surprised by his email (I'm usually the one who looks people up and then gets no reply - or an awkward one). His email brought a big smile to my face and then I wondered what he'd think if he saw me now..always the insecurity about physical appearance. But hey, it's just an email, right? No need to create a drama about it. I'll try to write back sometime today.

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