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2006-03-07 - 9:31 a.m.

failures of the 'bag' system

I spent Friday and Saturday preparing the back room for K's arrival next Thursday. Some of the preparation is obviously for me - so that I have contributed something to K's move. But most is because I don't want him to feel that he is arriving in a completely discombobulated house with no order, and no place for him to call 'his.' I became involved in an IKEA assembling frenzy. They are the cheapest unfinished pine shelves one can buy at IKEA, but they work quite nicely. (and the cats marveled at the massive scratching post I had built for them and were testing it within 10 minutes.)

After spending two days on this, I received a phone call from K, asking for my telephone PIN number for one of my German bank accounts - we need to move some money around before he arrives. I sat stunned - I have NO IDEA where that PIN number is located. In fact, I distinctly remember saying that I would NEVER need this PIN number, and so I threw it away. K did not share the same memory. And TADA! We need it! So he said the fateful words, "just look for it." This meant that I had to go to THE BAG FILES.

I spent Sunday afternoon going through and filing the paperwork in the bags, boxes, and other paper-holding devices in my apartment. The good news is that the bag system has been replaced by files that are somewhat neated ordered in a binder, most of the useless paper is now recycled, I found $100, and I created a whole new shelf of space in the closet. The predictable news is that I never found the PIN. The failure of this bag system is that it doesn't matter if I remember throwing out the PIN. Because in order to prove to an organized person that the PIN is missing, I have to explore every bag and box. Which I did. And I didn't find the PIN.

After describing my search to K (and letting him know that his polls were dropping...), he was convinced that the PIN had been destroyed. So he called and reordered another one, which should arrive on Wednesday. hmph. I begin to wonder if the PIN request was a secret ploy, "I have GOT to get her to clean that closet before I get there."

K arrives in 9 days. To stay. For good.

I am extremely excited and trepidatious at the same time. We've spent the last years experiencing intense two-week periods together - living like a holiday where our focus on each other was all-important. It was exhausting, and at the end of two weeks, some part of me was always ready to return to my daily routine, to have a day and night to myself, in peace. One cannot live at that intense level of interaction for more than two weeks. This time, the two weeks will never end. I am curious to see how we settle into a shared daily routine.

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