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2006-05-20 - 3:31 p.m.

Another round of Ives

Tonight K and I are going into Manhattan to see a series of One-Act plays by David Ives. This is an encore production of the one that my friend J and I saw about three months ago - he and I loved it.

Tonight's occasion will be somewhat interesting and different because he will be introducing me to his new girlfriend and I will be introducing him to K. I am not particularly stressed by the evening, but I know it will feel a little strange because I am normally very touchy and affectionate with J, and it really isn't appropriate in this context. So, I know that the vibe will be different than all of our previous meetings since I moved to NYC.

But at the same time, I am really looking forward to meeting his new friend D. She sounds like she must be wonderful, and come to think of it, this is the first girlfriend of his I've met in over ten years. Which makes me think it may be serious. Either that or the fact of my having (and bringing) a husband makes a difference for J. I'm no longer just his good female friend Teranika. I'm now his good, *married* female friend Teranika. Hey, you know, if it works....

But I wonder if the two of us will bicker as we normally do. Somehow I doubt it. Does it sound strange to say that I will miss bickering?? I will miss bickering with J.

I've already prepared K for the dinner time antics. No matter what restaurant, J has a round with the waitress about getting a salad with fried goat cheese and sliced beef steak...

It will be fun.

My landlady just came up the stairs and gave me a pair of shoes. Our landlords love us, K in particular, because he has spent hours solving their technical computing and telecommunications issues. I'm lumped in with K, I guess, which is why my landlady felt it imperative that she give me a new pair of FILA walking shoes. They are a full size and a half too big in the length and too narrow in width. Didn't matter. She came upstairs and forced me to put them on and wouldn't take no for an answer. In answer to too narrow: loosen the laces more. In answer to too loose at the heels: just pull the laces tighter. After just 20 seconds my feet were numb. And now I am the proud owner of an oversized narrow pair of white walking shoes. Because ultimately it is easier to just say yes than to resist. I just hope she doesn't continue buying them for me. I hope that while graciously accepting them, I also impressed on her that we have enough stuff..

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