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2006-06-25 - 3:15 p.m.

..illness and indecision..

Okay, it's Sunday now and the cold has developed fully. I have a small fever, and everytime I try to swallow it feels like my throat is tearing. And my sinuses are exploding. This was enough to wake me up several times this morning - and fortunately the advil took effect by about 10:30. Instead of my usual coffee, K - who has had this disease for two days already, brought me a glass of hot lemon. Is it possible for me to ooze retroactive sympathy for him? This cold really sucks. I finally pulled myself out of bed at about 11am, shortly after a visit from our landlord. When he learned that we were both hard up with colds he went back downstairs and immediately boiled us a huge pot of ginger tea - the stuff hits you like a hammer but is rather effective at numbing the throat, for which I am thankful.

K waited for the rain to stop and then biked to the natural store for groceries. I kind of like being pampered like this. But not as much as I like being healthy.


This entry was just interrupted by a visit from a work colleague who brought us a GIGANTIC sushi roll. I cannot say no to sushi, although perhaps in future I could say no to this sushi (whoever heard of breaded sushi??). Plus, sushi is basically a weird texture experience when your nose is so blocked that you can't even feel the wasabi. So, it was a strange mechanical eating experience, while K and the guys talked about computers. geek dot com in my very own living room. It was nice of them to stop by, but I am sure that we were not very good company.


So, I think that K and I solved the bed dilemna - yesterday we purchased a huge new bed with air chambers that allow us to adjust the bed to our preferred hardness. Two more weeks in the IKEA trampoline.

But we still face the moving dilemna, and we add to it new indecision about the car. We have to get two cats across the country, and our original idea was to drive the distance. >3000 miles in 5-7 days. But, as we have experienced in the past, K and I don't do so well when there are too many variables involved in making a decision. The main points of indecision right now revolve around whether or not to buy a car in NY, and whether or not to drive or fly with the cats. If we look strictly at the economics, it seems like flying may be a better deal, but it also means that we will not buy our landlord's car (which is a very good deal for a car). I'm just not sure which to do, and K is even less decisive than I am.

Anyway,time for me to get going - my mother is chatting with me again.

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