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2006-06-27 - 9:23 p.m. of crankiness...

The end of June is rapidly approaching and we still do not have movers arranged. Part of the problem is that the movers simply do not reply to our phone calls, or that they are out of town on holiday or something. Anyway, this is creating a little bit of tension in the household.

K is rather cranky today - to the point where I got up and left the room rather than sit and deal with him. I tried to be cheerful and fixed him dinner, etc. Now he is asleep on the sofa in the living room.

He did have a full day today - our new and extremely expensive bed arrived today, and apparently the movers were rude and unpleasant. The bed barely fits in the bedroom, but K did a nice rearranging of the room, after I began the process of reshuffling our things this morning. K's comment once the bed arrived: "it's all plastic." My mother - who bought the bed for us - asked how we like it. K didn't reply. At this rate we are on the road to separate beds.

We also started looking up the forms for doing the title transfer on the car that we are buying. K wanted me to look at the paperwork, but apparently I was not looking at the paperwork that he wanted me to look at. This caused another little tiff. And this is where I got up and left the room.

I will attribute his crabbiness to his cold, which is still lingering, although mine seems to have gotten better. Must be something up with those European immune systems. But still I am not in the mood to deal with it.

And he did do the dishes and the laundry today which was very needed and very wonderful. I came home in time to help him hang it out to dry.

The cats are cranky, too - especially Lyra. They had their nails trimmed, their health checked, and full vaccinations administered for Canada yesterday. Poor Lyra whines when I pick her up, sore from the shots. This is apparently to be expected.

So I am thinking that it is best if I just do the dishes and then go shut myself in the bedroom (on the new bed) and wait for the winds in this household to change.

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