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2006-08-23 - 9:54 a.m.

...more bed issues....

In the chaos of the move, I left some story lines dangling - one of which was the super-duper bed that we bought back in NY. It's one of those famous, air-filled mattresses for which you get a "number" that corresponds to the desired level of inflation you require to allow the bed to conform to your shape. My whole family owns these beds and they all swear by them.

We tried one out, and had one set up at our little apartment in Queens. First of all, the thing was HUGE. It filled the bedroom - there was no place to move around it. Now, this was a very good thing because it meant I had space to sleep. But it was a little bit of overkill. At night, K and I rolled off into our separate countries.

Second, this impression was solified by the actually BOUNDARY LINE in the center of the bed. A king-sized mattress was actually two separate twin-mattresses stuck together...with what felt like a giant crevasse in the middle. Our own little border crossing of luuvv.. But I hate falling through the crevasse in the middle. But since neither K nor I are big "European Pillow Top" kind of people, we got the stripped down model with rounded edges and the crevasse.

To top it off, this special number device thingie never worked. My number ranged from 45-85 without changing a thing. Not very consistent - and not very satisfying for a scientist who likes to measure things.

Finally, it was PLASTIC, very PLASTIC, and the tiny room smelled like, well, PLASTIC.

So we returned it (and paid the $400 of 'restocking' fees that occur when you have a money-back guarantee. hmph.)

And so for the past two weeks, since our arrival in Vancouver, I've been sleeping on - of all things - a portable air mattress.

K and I went shopping last weekend for a new mattress - a real mattress - one of those things with coils and springs that makes you feel like you are sleeping on a real thing, instead of something that makes squeegy rubber sounds when you roll over and will help you in case of a major flood. The mattress arrives today, between 12 and 2!!!

And so my work is cut out for me this morning. We got a bed frame from my friend bandy last week. It's a bit wobbly...but I and my trusty drill will work to secure it today so that we can sleep comfortably again.

so...I've spend another full morning with d-land, and I should probably get to work before the lure of sudoku overwhelms me...

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