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2006-09-24 - 8:33 a.m.'s on the roof - PART II...

In the continuing saga of Mizzy's roof landing...the inhabitants of the neighboring house have arisen and released the hound into the backyard for his morning inspections. (Images of Captain Cook, crocodiles, and Mizzy at The Plank on the floor above.)

Upon the end of puppy's inspection I managed to talk to the dog's owner, Gillian - and she is in the process of rescuing Mizzy.

Gillian has removed Mizzy from the porch and made it as far as the bedroom. At this point, Mizzy decided to remove herself from Gillian's arms. Mizzy is not fond of being held - we call her attempts of escape from being held 'turtling.' Because she never uses her claws, but just paws out wildly in all directions like a startled turtle who has been lifted from the comforting, gravititational pull** of the earth's surface that he has grown to know and love. I can only imagine that, in the presence of a dog and two cats, Mizzy's turtling was a bit more emphatic than usual.

So I can only guess that right now, Mizzy is pondering whether or not she will be satisfied with spending the rest of her life under Gillian's bed.

**For scientific accuracy, of course the turtle, Lizzy, you, or I, or anything else in existence on the surface of the earth has NOT been removed from its gravitational pull. But experiencing the counter force of being lifted must be rather unusual and startling for a turtle, don't you think? Does a turtle think the world is ending when you lift it? AH AH AH AH!!! I mean really, historically that isn't a normal part of a turtle's daily life. I think about these things, I do. Similarly, it is perfectly normal for a cat to freak out in a car - because really, when in a cat's evolutionary history have they been programmed to LIKE acceleration? So...doesn't this make a dog's pure joy at a ride in the car kind of anomalous? What's up with dogs? Maybe acceleration is like a cheap drug for them....alright, it's really time for me to get a second cup of coffee. This is getting ridiculous.

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