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2006-11-26 - 12:25 p.m.


Eegads, it is SNOWING. There is 2 inches of snow on our back porch, and the white stuff is still coming down. It's a regular Vancouver BLIZZARD. K and I are about to head out and get some pictures. Apparently this kind of weather is unheard of! But I'm thrilled!!! (again the words of someone who does not have to drive...)


The snow inspired K and I to curl up, toe-to-toe, under the quilt on the sofa with our morning coffee, and call our friends. We first spoke with my mother for a few minutes, and then called our friend Katze in Jena, who was also just waking up! (Apparently a fun night out at the Rosenkeller last night!). In the end we talked with her entire WG (WG = wohngemeinschaft - all of her flatmates are also friends with K). It was so lovely to listen to a piece of the goings-on in Jena while looking out at the snow. I could picture myself there and it felt wonderful.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, and it turned out to be a lovely affair. We learned, however, that one needs to be more specific when inviting people to "dinner." My invitation said that 'we invite you to dinner on Saturday at 4pm.' To me this meant that dinner (or rather, appetizers) would START at 4pm. My meaning was not interpreted this way, and so some people showed up more than an hour late, and we ate (slightly cold food) at 5:30pm... Next year I will say, "Please come anytime after 3:30pm. Appetizers will be served at 4pm, Dinner will be served at 5pm."

But this is a small point because in general we had a lovely, relaxed time, and by the end of the evening our table was covered in emptied plates and glasses - an indicator of a good party. Lots of laughter, lots of good conversation. Most wonderful was our chance to reconnect with P, a woman who was almost our landlady here in Van. She is absolutely delightful. We are hoping that our walk takes us past her house today.

The only other 'problem' was that my bout of stomach pains returned en force, and by the end of the party I was secretly willing everyone to leave so that I could curl up in a little ball - I was up most of the night, in fact. So perhaps I have something of a stomach bug. I still love food, but it is not so keen on sticking with me...So I feel a bit weak today, yet the snow is so beautiful that I am ready to venture forth and explore with K. In other words, it can't be that bad.

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