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2006-12-28 - 9:33 a.m. activity...

I wound up having an absolutely wonderful Christmas this year. K and I went around to my department chair's house. The food was spectacular - the evening even more. We were invited for dinner at 2pm - we stayed until after 11pm! There were just the four of us, but we talked the entire time. I had thought before that Will and I had similar natures. After meeting his wife Juliet, I can see the similarities even further. She is slightly 'bolshy' (and uses the word), piss-and-vinegar, and speaks her mind - with a huge heart. (and does a stunningly good imitation of a mad pomeranian..) He is very charming and well-spoken, and wonderful in company. The two of them have traveled everywhere and have some sort of knowledge about everything. It was a pleasure to speak with them. And so sad that they are leaving.

K and I managed to avoid the 'Boxing Day' mania in Canada. We stayed at home and did some household errands and even avoided online shopping - slept, mostly. I have a sense of Christmas as a renewal - in my case, a renewal of my sleep cycle. K and I have been a rejuvenating sleeping nine hours per night.

The sun is shining for a second day, and there is a slight frost covering everything in a glistening white. It is brilliant. K and I actually went out for a run yesterday - we took a walk down to the park at the end of the drive - there is a lovely little lake surrounded by a gravel trail - soft on the knees. It was more of a desperate pant than a run, but it was good to get out, and I want to make a habit of it (ergo the Christmas list of new shoes, and waterproof walk/running gear...).

I've already started in on a coffee this morning so we will not repeat the run today. But we have to pick up something at a pharmacy in Surrey, and we have a plan to explore some new park while we are down there.

huh, wasn't this all rather mundane? I have more to say (about the book I FINALLY finished), but I guess the muse is elsewhere.

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