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2007-01-26 - 3:04 p.m.

..'if you post it...they will come'...

K posted Swede the sofa on craigs1ist yesterday evening at about 8pm. We had our first interested call by 8:15pm, by a person who was considering driving by in the next half hour to check it out.

After the call, we had a more discriminating look at Swede, and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD where did all of those spots and stains come from??? eeGADS! They just APPEARED. Everywhere! I don't ever remember seeing them BEFORE I tried to sell the sofa!

So, K and I paused the cute little antiquated kevin costner film that we were watching and went into a cleaning frenzy, attacking little wine spots, food bits, and kitty bits with zeal. K broke out the hoover and got at some of those old crumbs we'd been ignoring. And then, while we were at it, we realized that we hadn't actually cleaned the apartment since our last houseguest!! So we pulled out the cleaning fluids and rags and went at the rest of the place - all, of course, while Kevin Costner was frozen mid-sentence on a blanket in the middle baseball field in Iowa, daydreaming about shoeless joe jackson and the 1922 white sox.

And a half hour later we were finished. And the guy never showed up. Sigh. But at least Kevin Costner was able to help out Terence Mann and reconcile with his father's ghost by playing a round of baseball next to the corn field. awwwww. And I got to watch it all while reclining on a cleaned up spiff-ified Swede.

I just got a message from K that Swede has been sold to new owners who will pick him up tomorrow. :-( Very sad. Very sad. And two weeks before the delivery of the Burgundy wonder. which means my reclining patterns will be rather disrupted.

K said that they were a sweet young couple - just moved here from Toronto or something. They were sweet and cute - the type of people who have flower-sex. (Actually, he didn't say the last bit. that was me providing a little bit of character development, and imagining the type of people who would be nice to Swede.)

K keeps telling me that I will love the new burgundy sofa bed just as much. And just imagine: no one will ever notice the wine stains.

goodbye, Swede...

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