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2007-01-28 - 1:11 p.m.

sunday morning

this written this morning when the d-land server was inaccessible:


Sunday 28 January, 8:55 am.

This morning the door to the cubby hole in the attic just popped open of its own accord at about 7:15am. Both Lyra and I were awake and sitting up with a start – it sounded like another surprise attack from Beauregard. Perhaps it was…but he never materialized. I think we were able to scare him off with our mind control. More likely the attic cubby hole door just opened itself – the way many things happen in a heritage house such as this.

It was enough to get me to drag my sorry self down the stairs to the coffee machine, and now I am spending a last comfortable hour, with my new laptop, on Swede before the new owners come. Swede had a reprieve yesterday – the new couple couldn’t organize a van to pick him up. So I reclined on him last night as well. Alas they will be here today at 2pm.

Yesterday we had the most drop dead GORGEOUS weather. I brought a chair outside, drank tea, and read a book while bathing in the sunlight – sans manteau. It was glorious and warm and peaceful. I sat out there for a couple of hours in my sunglasses, absorbing the UV. I was too exhausted from the week to coax myself into a run – but K and I did coax ourselves out onto the Drive for a walk and some errands before spending a few more hours in the sun on the back porch. Mizzy and Lyra were in cat heaven. Not only was it a gorgeous sunny day, but their two humans had joined them on their favorite playground.

The sunlight sprouted a seed –the need to PLANT. So we bought some herbs and flowers, etc, and I spent the next hour of the afternoon repotting our houseplants on the back porch while K took his turn in the sunchair. I may have jumped the gun a wee bit, but I couldn’t help it. It was time to plant. So I did. Not a whole lot, but a few small pots of herbs such as basil, oregano, dill, and peppers, and then some pansies. I figure those seeds need to germinate inside for as much as two months. March may be too early to put them out, but who knows in Vancouver.

Our weather experts have all been predicting that we will have glorious sunny weather until next Friday. And then today a massive, thick San Francisco- like fog has come through. In fact, I saw it creeping in on little cat’s feet yesterday evening. It’s quite incredible. Several people have told me that these are the perfect days to be up at Mountain University, because usually it sits right above the cloud, in the sunshine. I’ll have to test it tomorrow.

Well, it’s probably time to drag K out from under the covers so that we can honor our commitment to run for 28 minutes today…but maybe I’ll just shape together a loaf of bread and have a cup of coffee before I disturb his reverie…

We have found a piece of heaven – a cheese shop called ‘the friends of cheese’ (in french, the language of cheese, of course) over near Granville Island. Wow, it’s better than Murray’s cheese shop in the Village in NYC. Last night we spoiled ourselves with samplings of bresse bleu, stilton, vacherin, tomme, and aged gouda, served with sliced strawberries and drizzled with 20-yr-old balsamic vinegar. We may go broke on cheese, but we will be happy and well-fed.

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