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2007-02-01 - 9:31 a.m.

...v-day stuff....

It's the first of February and the sun is GLORIOUS!! I love it.

Today also brought me my first email from Amazon trying to sell me Valentine's Day stuff. Wow is it weird. Did you know that couples can buy a peekaboo strip poker game, a peekaboo lap dancing kit, or a hot date party pack? Or there's also The Lover's Guide Fun-In-Bed Game, complete with an array of sex toys...Strangely enough one can buy this gift used. ewwwwwwwwwww. Granted, this is the site, but amazon has certainly evolved since its earlier days as a bookseller!

And mixed in with all these exciting little couple games was the Kitten Mo-Pod. ??

It's a mobile phone that you hook onto your backpack. The kitten will spin and flash when you receive a phone call. Okay, let's just look past how this cat got lumped in with a bunch of sex toys from amazon...I am clearly WAAAY behind on my Japanese fashion scene, but this kitten looks like a FREAKY PINK MOUSE to me.


In office news, I showed up late to choir yesterday evening because I had a prolonged meeting with my department chair - actually we never have anything less than prolonged meetings - the two of us seem to chat for ages.

He came by to give me his beautiful office plant, since he is moving countries, and also to discuss what courses I will be teaching next year. Once again I was pleased to have him suggest exactly what I was thinking. It means going back to teaching a large undergraduate course for a little while...but this time with four TAs and for a course with the syllabus, lectures, and exams already written. Wow. Nevertheless, this will be an easier transition for me, and allow me to have a few students before I actually engage in designing a special topics course.

our other topic, not surprisingly, was security. Yesterday we learned that the master key of my new building has actually been stolen, back in early January. Well, actually, *I* learned this fact - our department chair has not been told. In fact, for some unknown reason, no one was told until yesterday.
All of a sudden the faculty administration are VERY upset about security breaches, now that their offices are also involved. Huh. This may be the best thing that happened to me, in terms of getting the locks on my lab changed within a reasonable timeframe.

I am working at home today - still tired but not to the level I felt on Monday. K and I will probably venture out for a round of running in the sun.

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