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2007-02-10 - 9:35 a.m.


hurray - the weekend is here! (of course, it is already full with grading, but at least it is here!). K is still upstairs in bed, enjoying the chance to sleep in. I'm at the new laptop in the sun, while Lyra winds between the potted plants and frequently announces that she has NOT had breakfast yet and I should CERTAINLY be doing something about this. Mizzy is probably still sleeping on top of K - her game is to make sure that by the end of the night he is contorted into the most uncomfortable position possible. oops they've just come down the stairs, both in the suits that God gave them..normal fare for a cat, I think that K will probably upgrade before we go out....

This past week didn't lend itself to excessive running, but we did manage to get out on Thursday (although I was still pretty much a wreck, I got through it). We have a few 'issues' with scheduling. K is NOT a morning person, and just generally likes to put off the task. If I don't go in the morning, then I have no time to go at all during the day, because of work. This little bit of conflict is already a strong enough force to reduce my frequency of going out. (It doesn't take much inertia to stop one from exercising...)

And then on the weekend: I am ready to go out today - now in fact - but he would prefer to go tomorrow, and use today for a day of urban hiking. I don't see why we can't do both. And so, I will suggest that I go out alone. And then, he will feel bad, and will either bend and come with me, or I will wait until tomorrow. So I am beginning to question if we need to rethink this "run together" strategy, because it brings out the strongest difference in our personalities in the way that we approach tasks. It may be more reasonable for me to just GO, and then be happy for the few days that our bodies and minds are in sync. Uh oh, I guess the honeymoon is over!!!!

Ahh, the SUN. It's a gorgeous day - and K is right that we need to get out and exploit it. So until later...

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