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2007-03-13 - 12:27 p.m.

Another week of lectures gone...

Amazingly, I made it through today's lecture. And people only looked like they were starting to fall asleep in the last half-hour (hell, I was bored, why shouldn't THEY be bored.)

I pulled the last half of this lecture out of nowhere. No really - I think I finished it in an hour. I'm definitely not proud of that - but being sick for the last week has really made it difficult. I've accomplished very little since last Tuesday, actually.

Last night I came home with no voice, no lecture, and plenty of aches and pains (yep, 'that' time). I'm getting over the cold, but the first day back at work was tough. I dove onto a cocktail of wine and ibuprofen, and took my brain dead little head to bed - I could finish the lecture in the morning, right?

ugh. Up and out of bed at 6:30am, after another night of sleeping poorly from the coughing and sniffling. And the coffee machine is on the fritz (lucky fritz). Blessed K has anticipated this eventuality and has specially ground coffee so that I do not have to go without. and he lovingly foams the milk by hand for I don't complain that his knowledge of the proportions of coffee / water is rusty. (it was kind of watery..)

On top of this, my nose has started bleeding. Okay, I know that there are people out there who get nosebleeds whenever they have colds. But I've NEVER had nosebleeds in my life. So although I KNOW that it's normal, it freaks me out. Every time I sneezed unexpectedly this morning, it looked like a splatter film. And so by the time I get to work, I have learned to have a handkerchief at the ready in my opened hand - but of course, not before I've produced a large blood spot on the front of my sweater. ick.

Fortunately, no unanticipated sneezing occurred during the lecture - that was my horror thought of the morning. It's hard to talk about climate oscillations with a dignified and authoritative presence when your face looks like something out of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

But I was forced to stand in front of a class full of students with a whopping stain on my chest. And a large part of me just wanted to say, "So you've probably noticed this huge stain on my breasts. Well let me tell you what it is so that you don't fixate on it all morning." Don't worry, I just stood in front of them blatantly if not proudly ignoring it - AND the little bits of crumbled napkin from my desperate attempts to remove it in the ladies' room. Sigh. Some of us have grace. Others march forward without it.

But soon the cold will be gone gone gone, and if nothing else, I got an interesting seed of an idea for a student project during my boring half-assed lecture. (I guess I should stop calling it half-assed - I put my full ass into getting it done once I was well enough to do so. The overachiever in me still has problems accepting that you just can't work when you are sick).

I'll keep developing the little idea seed...and some contacts that may help in getting it accomplished.

So with my brain half-on, I will go treat myself to a lunch before I run around campus completing administrative duties. Woo hoo. gotta love it. oh yeah, oh yeah.

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