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2007-04-08 - 11:13 a.m.

Easter decisions....

It's Easter Sunday and I've been wide awake since 6:30am - which for me is rather strange. So I woke up and started myself a coffee, and then fixed a big Easter breakfast (eggs baked in cream, bacon, and grilled tomatoes) for K and me. That while listening to some classic duets by Ella and Louis. Loverly.

I'm so glad that I took Good Friday as a holiday. Easter Sunday is here, and I'm not feeling quite so overwhelmed by the prospect of grading the final papers for my course this afternoon. (Not that I'm looking forward to it, but at least I'm not so overwhelmed by it.)

Following Harri3tspy's lead (;-), K and I took an Easter Saturday trip to IK3A! K was still somewhat amazed that normal opening hours were maintained through the Easter holiday, and that in fact the store is open all day today as well. Not so surprised that he wasn't dead ready to hop in the car at 5:30pm on a Saturday night and drive on out.

IK3A is heavenly on an Easter weekend evening. Probably because everyone else has decided they are closed. So we wandered happily through, dancing to the funky upbeat music (well, I did that), and choosing our favorite organizing solutions. We got off easy this time and spent less than $200 (garden shelves for all of the plants I've just planted, and an organizer shelf for my 'office' in the solarium so that my papers aren't always all over the floor.)

It's started raining today, and so I'm undecided about whether or not to proceed with planting. It's not a heavy rain, just a little bit of spitting. But perhaps I'll hold off until the next sun day (they are coming ever more frequently these days...). Which has left me in a slight state of ennui - how do I continue with my day?

Actually, I should devote my attentions to filing my taxes. This will be a complicated year, and we haven't quite figured out all of the intricacies yet. This means that I will be filing for an extension, at least in the USA. Not sure what happens for Canada yet. Eegads, this year we'll be dealing with three separate tax codes. Lord help us.

The last action item for the day will be to register for the 2.5K Vancouver Sun Run next weekend. I'm not feeling up to a 14K race, but I think but I think simply getting out for the fun will be worth it. K wants to join, too.

And, then there is the grading.

But I would also love to take a leisurely walk down to Stanley Park to stretch my legs.

Okay, so I've cured my indecision about things to do..and I've just heard K yelling and cursing from the other room, related to some computer problem I I'll be off to see if I'm needed there. .....who was that masked woman......

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