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2007-05-21 - 11:48 a.m.

..still kinda sorta a secret I guess...

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Last week I called K from work to ask him if I needed to pick anything up from the store on my way home. Some vegetables, some cheese, and some meat if they had any of the organic beef in stock. And then I asked him if he preferred to be called 'Daddy' or 'Papa.'

Yes, we have an embryo. (No, I'm not a romantic about these things, but I figure that 'embryo' is better than 'blastocyst', and besides, I'm guessing we're past the 'blastocyst' stage by now anyway.) I've told the closest people (blighty, my parents, my brother's family, my mother's best friend so that my mother doesn't explode), and the people who need to know (my student who now has to handle all the chemicals in the lab). Other than that I guess I'm following the secrecy code until the end of June, in case there are problems. I will finally see my doctor at the end of May (not easy to get appointments), so we'll see what recommendations she makes then....and by the way, it kinda takes the wind outta your sails when everyone says, "we've been waiting for the news...." Sorry, Blighty, if I ever said that to you.

Should I be writing this entry, then? Well, in the end I decided that this is my blog, and the mood swings, tiredness, cramps, dizziness, and expansion are becoming a regular part of my daily life. Sheesh, I had the sudden urge to eat broccoli for breakfast yesterday. So, yeah, here's the place to be writing about it all, especially since I've tried very hard to keep my blog friends separate from my real life, for the most part. (Liebe Katze in J*na, please don't spill the beans! We can do it in July when I visit.) I also figured that if there ARE problems, I will be writing about them here, too, so I might as well start now.

Work has been a little bit of an issue - because we've been having these marathon interviews, and I have to leave to pee all the time! I also ordered my obligatory glass of wine at dinner, and apart from a few sips I let it sit there, and tried desperately not to fall asleep into my asparagus. There also future issues: I'm flying to Europe for three weeks at the end of June, and and to the Mediterranean to give some lectures in November..Oh yes, and I will begin teaching two weeks before my due date....ha. Oh yes, then there is the issue of unpaid maternity leave, when I'm the primary income in this family, and our budget is kinda stretched... Trying not to let these things worry me....but just accept that they will all work themselves out.

In the meantime, I will focus on sleep, exercise, food, and writing this chapter that I need to finish before June. Happy Victoria Day..

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