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2007-06-02 - 1:33 p.m.

...vancouver farmer's market...

Today we are participating in our landlord's yard sale, but I've been barely able to move today. Beginning to wonder if this is only fatigue.

After sleeping for 12 hours last night, K and I decided to walk down the Drive, first for my bloodtests, and then to check out the farmer's market that has resumed at Tr0ut L4ke (a little over a mile there and back - normally no big deal).

By the time I reached the medical lab I was exhausted, and there was a very long line of people waiting to get tests. K went on to check out a monthly computer fair at the Ukrainian community center while I waited an hour for the tests. I didn't mind the wait because I was happy to just space out in the waiting room. And also the wait was a result of the huge volume of people - the staff was entirely pleasant and extremely efficient.

Then the nice bloodletting technician took 6-7 ampules of blood from me..which didn't exactly improve my situation. I must have looked a little off, because she gave me a juice box and encouraged me to sit a while in the waiting room before leaving. That's never happened before.

How cute. I got a little juice box. Actually, I'm not very experienced with juice boxes. I immediately shot apple juice out the straw and all over the place. Those little things are tricky.

The apple juice seemed to do the trick and produced enough energy for me to walk the next five blocks to the market. But by the time I got there, I nearly passed out. When K found me, I was resting in the grass in the shade, right behind the organic honey stand. I rested a few more minutes before we took one lap around the stalls and headed home.

This market was a blast. K said it felt like he was in another time. All of these farmers selling locally produced honey, jam, lettuce and peas, berries, organic meats and fish, and pottery, and cheeses and bread. Everything was organic. No plastics in sight. And all of the vendors were lovely, pleasant people who were so excited to tell you how they made their jams and breads. And conversations overheard: "I'm bringing a salad to a 100-mile dinner tonight. Can you tell me where this lettuce was produced?" Best of all was the mobile bike repair unit, and the bicycle organizations. People with their hippy hair and dress, actually walking the walk. (and of course a healthy smattering of faux, hippy wannabes in their SUVs..ick.)

But overall it was uplifting, friendly, and fun - I want to go back next week, too.

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