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2007-06-23 - 10:01 a.m.

...arrival in blighty ol'....

I arrived at Heathrow two days ago now, but pretty much all of June 21st, 2007, is a blur to me. One thing I can say definitively: cancelling the 20-hour trip to Corsica was the RIGHT thing to do. Oy, the flight was tortuous, and it wasn't even a bad one (well, apart from the fact that we left one hour late, and had to sit on the runway for a half-hour at Heathrow, and then took over an hour to get through immigration, and STILL had to wait for our bags to come off the carousel.)

One question. Why is it that MEN always thing that THEY HAVE 100% RIGHTS TO THE ARMREST in airplanes? It happens every time. I sit down next to a man - no matter what size he is - and he immediately colonizes the armrest, frequently oozing over into my seat as well. urgh. Drives me nuts.

I didn't sleep a wink until I was safely ensconced in Blighty's car on the all-too-familiar-yet-constantly-confusing drive from LHR to her home. (One must follow the signs towards the WEST in order to go NORTH and EAST. I am certain that we are not the first to be mildly confused by this choice of signage out of a major international airport.)

I entered a mild 'power nap' in the car, and awoke on a strange London road (where Blighty had gone to pick up the children). I had that great sense of WHERE THE HELL AM I? that one gets after the first sleep in over 3000 miles of flying. Attempted a few more times to let my head roll off my shoulders on the way home, and managed to remain alert for another two hours before falling into an eleven-hour coma.

Yesterday was fine, apart from that little event of falling down the stairs. Not good. K's insists that somewhere in all those pregnancy books it MUST say that falling down stairs is a BAD idea. Unfortunately, I hadn't reached that chapter yet. Well, I'm fine, apart from the soreness that comes from clenching every muscle in your body just before impact. ouch.

Today I am off to see K's brother's family, and I'm gleeful that Blighty is coming with me. In fact, we have to leave in a few minutes, so I should conclude this inane little report. And here they are now, wandering through the door.

** oh, last interesting point: I haven't had a cup of coffee since June 20th. huh.

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