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2007-07-08 - 1:25 p.m. feels like coming home...

It's been a lovely, lazy weekend in J*na so far, and this week has felt like coming home. I've just come from a splendid breakfast at the Cafe Stilbruch - our old favorite weekend breakfast haunt - which I spent just hanging out and joking around with A.

I am probably one of the only people in the world who comes to a lazy East German town to do her shopping. But I was so excited to be in my favorite old grocery store, and my favorite old drugstore, and my favorite toy store, oh, and of course the kitchen gadget store....I didn't go crazy, just enough to get me through the next year. It's just that none of the stores are crowded, and I still know where everything is, and it is all within walking distance, and well, everyone is friendly to me.

This afternoon I will walk up the hill to visit J, who has promised me another bratwurst. I haven't enjoyed the likes of a thuringian bratwurst for three years, and now I am having three in three days. Should be enough to hold me off for another couple years...but oh, they are so heavenly!

I'm also looking forward to walking past my old apartment, and in fact I plan to visit new tenants this afternoon. I have heard that Frido the Peace Cat (who belonged to my upstairs neighbor) has vanished. :-( Some things have to change. I will be sad to walk down the Beethovenstrasse without seeing his friendly cat face loping towards me.

But what a wonderful time I am having. This town is so small, so peaceful, and so comforting. Things I love:

- seeing people I know or recognize on every corner
- listening to the Amsel at dusk
- the stillness and quiet of night in Jena
- the occasional rumble of car wheels on cobblestones
- outdoor cafes
- walking along the Teichgraben stream, next to the graffiti wall
- strolling through Paradies Park
- Bratwurst
- the Riva Eiscafe
- green green green
- the blueness of night at 11pm
- hanfried
- the hills
- the familiarity and memories associated with every corner

But it's time to move on to my next bratwurst appointment. Bis dann.

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