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2007-07-12 - 7:25 a.m.

...back from old world....

hello hello hello! I see that d-land is still having some response time difficulties. Sigh, sad. very sad.

I flew home from Germany on Tuesday morning, although I had to change my plans rather abruptly because of the deutsche bahn strike. I packed everything up on Monday and spent the evening on a train, instead of singing with my former choir. I slept in a hotel near the airport, and took a shuttle in the next day.

I've flown home and feel so happy to see K, although I've been recovering from jetlag for most of the past two days. This morning I came out and tried to recover some of my container garden that was lost under the care of K. Sweet thing tried his best...but in some places I'll have to start over. No big deal.

What a wonderful trip. I got to spend time with three of my favorite women. There is of course, Blighty - visiting Blighty is like visiting home - because I know the routines, I where things are - and she makes me feel secure. Apart from my mom she is the one person I want most to visit us when the baby is born, because I trust her more than anyone.

Then I went on to visit my two most favorite professional women - C in Norwich, and I in Jena. Both are professional successes in my field, and I so look up to them, while at the same time considering them friends. We work so productively together, and at the same time we have a great time. It is comforting to be around such people again.

Anyway, these are three people from whom I truly like to get input. I loved listening to them talk about their pregnancies, and watch their unique styles of parenthood. When you watch three great women each do things differently, you just realize that parenthood is a matter of finding a niche for yourself. Cool.

The same with jobs. One thing that definitely came out of this trip is that I have to spend more time continuing my work in Europe. My favorite and best work contacts are there. I need to keep them up, if only for my own sanity.

Yesterday, in my jetlagged state, I took care of doctor appointments. I went to the dentist for an extensive cleaning (and learned that I grind my teeth and will need a brace at night). I also need to have at least one filling fixed immediately. The rest of the work will have to wait until I can get X-rays again. ugh. more time at the dentist.

Also went to the doctor doctor, where K and I heard the heartbeat for the first time. Very very cool SWOOSH SWOOSH SWOOSH. K was also very excited to learn that there's actually something IN there, and it's ALIVE. Also learned that I've lost six pounds in the last month. The nurse was rather concerned. The doctor was indifferent - as long as I am eating normally and healthily, things should be okay. I thought so, too. I certainly don't look like a fainting lily..

So now it's getting late, and I should head off to work. too bad - the porch is lovely and cool at this time of the morning.

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