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2007-08-25 - 10:21 a.m.

...a new day, but more about baby stuff...

I was quite saddened yesterday to learn of the likelihood that this baby will have to be delivered with a scheduled C-section. I was also disheartened to realize that I'm going to be spending the next four months in more of a fragile condition than I had anticipated. These are the cards dealt, and I'll get over it. After all there are many positive things in those cards, I guess. First of all, the babe is okay - not affected by these large knots in my side. And furthermore, this is REALLY the kind of info you like to have in advance: it is better to know exactly what's up before being placed in an urgent situation. A scheduled C-section has to be better than an emergency one, right? And even furthermore, I've met all of the docs in the practice now, and since I've been calling with this problem, I've been pleased to see how very responsive they are. Even Schnauzer Woman was less rude.

My family was its usual supportive self. My mother said, "well so that's good. The baby's okay - it's just YOU in pain." (thanks, ma). My sister-in-law soothed that "pushing is overrated anyway." My brother said that this is great news, because now he has enough inside info to win the family baby pool. My cousin's baby is due 10 days after mine, yet my entire family was betting that she would have hers first. Their current plan is to keep any scheduled birthday to themselves, and rake in the dough. (You get an idea about my family's sense of humor.)

Today the pain has lessened a bit, so maybe it won't be a constant. Part of me feels that if I can do more stretching and exercise, I'll be able to strengthen everything else enough so that I'll have a greater tolerance for it. Maybe. Well, I'm hoping to drag K off his computer and out to the track. We'll see what that produces.

Oh, another note is that I've lost yet another few pounds. I have several witnesses to testify that I haven't been holdin' back in the appetite department. Everything changes when you take on boarders.

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