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2007-08-26 - 6:03 p.m.'s almost back, says the procrastinator...

The word out there amongst all of my favorite teacher blogs on d-land is: 'ugh - school is starting." I'm right in there with y'all!

I've realized that I've made a few tactical errors in scheduling this summer. One should never keep interns working until the final week of summer - because it means that YOU have to be supervising them until the final week of summer, which is when you should be preparing for classes. Next week is going to be jam-packed with activity.

I've also been signed up for a teaching workshop that runs from 8:30-5:30pm for the next three days. Oh dear. I plan on being exhausted...and then of course it means that I have to spend each evening writing ten-minute "mini-lessons." ugh. Time to get moving on THAT right now. But seriously what can you actually SAY in ten minutes??

Naturally, I am procrastinating on that puppy....before I put in a Jane Austen film to write it up. I always write these things up with Jane Austen films playing in the background. And in fact, I would have started on this earlier, were it not for the fact that the SUN came out, making it near impossible for me to consider a Jane Austen film with lots of rain in it. And so, NOW it's too late for me to watch a full six-hour Jane Austen film (woe is me) unless I feel like staying up 'til midnight (not in the cards, baby, not in the cards).

Speaking of puppies (yes, there was a mention of puppies in the previous paragraph - look for it), I got the most interesting baby advice I've gotten yet: dogs with puppies are your best guide for raising babies. Just look to the dog. Interesting idea (she said, as she smiled quietly and shook her head in the general direction of the advice-giver).

Incidentally, thanks to all the experienced C-sectioners out there for giving positive vibes about what might lie in my future. I'm now in a go-with-the-flow mood about all this - and will mentally prepare myself for everything as the reality actually materializes.

Feeling better today - I can walk for 30 minutes before pain sets in. Still not sure how I will handle standing in front of a classroom for 2 hours...but I'll get by. And, still can't roll over in bed without pain - but I'm checking out two yoga classes this week to see if stretching helps out. (Heating pad = BAD IDEA. YOW!)

Okay, it's been lovely procrastinating with you all. Now it's time for Emma, BBC Emma, Pride (1st 3 hrs), Sense, or Persuasion..hmmm, decisions...

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