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2007-09-09 - 1:39 p.m.

..Second entry: the rejection letter to be remembered...

Back when I was finishing my Ph.D., I applied for a LOT of faculty / acadmic / research positions. Which means that I got a LOT of rejection letters. I was rooting through some old paperwork and found that I had saved my very first rejection letter. But I had also saved my favorite rejection letter of all times (for a position for which I was shortlisted):


"28 January 2007

Dear Ms Teranika:

It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that XXXX College administration has withdrawn the position in our Department for which you had applied. You should know that were extremely impressed with the high calibre of the many applicants who we had attracted in the current search, and were looking forward to having a truly stellar new colleague in the fall. Both you and we have lost in this process.

The current plans, as explained to us by the Vice President of Academic Affairs, are to re-open the search next year for a senior faculty member (with probably a minimum of 10 years of post-doctoral experience), who would then join us in the fall of 1998. However, given the recent turn of events, I cannot assure you that this will come to pass.

There is a chance that the position for which you had applied may be open for the next year on a strictly one-year, non-continuing basis, though we do not know for sure at this time. If you would still like to be considered for such an opening, please let me know via return mail; a simple post-card will suffice. We'll then move your dossier from the 'inactive' to 'active' part of our files.

I'm sorrry to have to be the bearer of such news. We've battled for three weeks to retain this position as it was advertised, but to no avail. I wish you the best of luck in your current search for a meaningful position, and hop you find one in a more supportive academic environment than that which apparently is going to be here for the immediate future.

Please pass along our thanks as well to those who wrote letters of recommendation for you. Their efforts in this process were also much appreciated.

Thank you for your interest in our position. I'm sorry that this letter cannot be one with more positive news.

Professor and Department Chair"



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