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2007-09-23 - 11:49 a.m.

...energized...and need to be....

Today is a good Sunday - I say this because I am awake and alert and have been so since about 7:30am.

I started cooking at about 8am: I harvested basil and watercress to make a supply of pesto for the fall; I started marinating chicken for dinner; I'm about to make a lima bean / mozzarella appetizer (better than it sounds, trust me) to go with the chicken. In the meantime, K has baked another of his brilliant apple cakes in preparation for a visit to friends this afternoon. We are food maniacs.

Actually, our weekend has been full of activities. Yesterday we completed a massive amount of shopping chores before I took off for yoga - another energizing session of holding poses and thinking about my breathing. We got drinks yesterday evening with a lovely couple - one is the woman who facilitated my section of the teaching workshop last month and her partner is an extremely sexy Vancouver actress. They are about to move to the East Coast of the USA - to one of my old haunts. It was wonderful to meet two people with whom we immediately clicked - of course, they are LEAVING. sigh. Well, we have a few more months.

We are about to head off for lunch with some other friends - ones who just had a baby in March. They've been a big help to us - providing advice and supplies in a very passive "this was useful for us and might work for you, too" kind of way. I like that.

K and I are also beginning to stock up on concerts and plays for the fall - so far we've found a choral concert of Josquin, an evening of acoustic guitar soloists, a symphony concert featuring a Mendelssohn piece, and an evening of opera featuring a famous demented clown.

I was also pleased to learn that my old choir - the one that disbanded last Spring - has reformed with a new pianist, a new conductor, and under new organization. The only catch: they rehearse on Thursdays. Ugh - the worst night of the week for me - as I am usually up at the CRACK of dawn on Friday, struggling to finish my lecture for that day.

I am aiming to get to the first rehearsal this week, but it's going to be tough-going. On top of preparing two lectures...I have another ultrasound scheduled at 7:30am on Tuesday (which means waking up at 5am to start drinking water...), and I will spend the rest of the day at Penninsula U, culminating in my colloquium talk in the afternoon. I have a book chapter and two reviews due on Wednesday, and I need to write two reference letters. I have NO IDEA when or how all of this is going to get done. NO IDEA.

Oh well. I am getting better at accepting that some things simply aren't going to happen the way I want them to. Maybe it's time for a yoga pose.

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