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2007-10-08 - 8:15 a.m.

...return of DWOIP...permanent residence...

There is a little bit of sun in the sky this morning...the violent rains of the weekend seem to have passed - and good thing, too, because K and I have experienced the return of:
This time, in three different places, and at a much more rapid pace. sigh.

K and I communicated several times this summer when the roof could have been fixed. We moved everything off the top porch (that was unusable anyway because the wood has rotted). We were rather irritated yesterday.

The landlords have told us two separate things: (1) that they had fixed it (although we told them them that it had leaked AFTER their fix). and (2) they had been trying all summer to get a roofer without success. I'm not sure which is really true, because they sound somewhat contradictory to me.

They have increased our rent for a leaky house. Not sure how to approach this subject. K was very assertive with the landlord yesterday evening (I was proud of him - these are awful situations) but neither of us are sure of how and when to bring up the rent issue. We will wait and see what happens in the next week, I guess.


In other news, K and I went flagpoling yesterday. That means that we drove to the border, walked through the Peace Arch, went to the US border control, got a signed slip of paper from the US, came BACK to Canada, and got our permanent residence paperwork processed. Our cards should arrive sometime in the near future.

We also registered all of the household goods that we brought into Canada (so that we do not have to pay duty when they are shipped) - including the CAR. The only problem is that K can't seem to find the defunct title - the one that the US border tore and put a huge EXPORTED sign on. Turns out that without this defunct title, we cannot import our car. ugh. So now K has been turning the house upside down in search of the piece of paper so that I can go downtown to the customs office and finish the job. K almost never loses papers. What a pain.

After we drove home from our 2-3 hour paperwork detail at the border, I made a classic, New England boiled dinner with cabbage, potatoes, carrots, and corned beef. I guess today is officially Thanksgiving day, but I'm just not into turkey. I think we'll have leftovers.

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