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2007-10-13 - 7:11 p.m.

...I know what the bottom of my foot looks like, and I have a stroller, too...

Following my earlier d-land entry, I was off to yoga class, where we focused on stretching and breathing, and a lot of bending in half. I've discovered that I'm no longer very good at the breathing thing when I am bent in half.

I begin to understand Micha's comment about our yoga instructor - "umm, do you realize that we are PREGNANT?" Nah, the instructor is good, and I stop when I can't do something. And, I understand the concept of pushing yourself to a level of discomfort without breaking yourself in half. But yeah, there are some moments when my eyebrows are raised (lesser known but more frequently practiced yoga position - the startled stork).

My favorite today was the stretch I've dubbed the shoe-tying exercise. I never remember the proper yoga terms and always get them messed up - something about doggie style and then there's one about a hissing cat. and then there's all of these positions for going into battle balancing on one leg with your hands pointing to the sky. But THIS one has you sitting on the ground and pulling your foot up to your crotch - which is just about the only way that I can put on shoes these days. It did very little for my hip flexor muscles, sadly. But it cheered me up to think that yoga was providing me with such an obviously practical pose for getting dressed in the morning.

Anyway, after being stretched out by yoga, I coerced K into driving out to a baby store to look at strollers. I could tell that he was not thrilled by the prospect, but he bravely put up a good show of it for me, with the stipulation that we indulge in some nourishment at a rather famous fast food establishment involving arches and a clown. Which we did (and now I won't have to go back to that place for another two years. That's usually how long it takes me to forget...)

And then we got into the store and K became a purchasing and decision making monster. We were in and out with a new stroller and car seat in less than 30 minutes. And the beauty of it? He chose the same two models that I was thinking I wanted, and he said, "we're here. let's just GET the darned things and not have to deal with it again." RIGHT! I'm totally with ya, dude!

And what makes the whole thing even MORE beautiful? Everything had JUST gone on sale.

Could there possibly be any MORE beauty in this situation? Yes. And that is that it's DONE. We have bought the large ticket items and we are golden. K says that now that we have a stroller, he finally believes that we are having a baby. Hey. You know, whatever it takes.

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