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2007-10-22 - 10:05 a.m.'s the free frozen breaded chicken tenders that made all the difference....

I spent another weekend somewhat incapacitated following a big work week. I was really out of sorts on Saturday. I injured my back somehow last Wednesday and the pain keeps flaring up from time to time - mostly in the evenings. It's just a little bit frustrating when I think about the number of things that I COULD be doing instead of lying in bed and recovering.

And if I'm not resting, then K and I are nesting. We continued our efforts to re-organize the top floor of the house, to make a half-room for baby. We've rearranged clothing, moved objects and boxes out of the way into the attic, cleared some lower shelves for baby books, and made space for a trunk for baby toys. We've set up a cupboard of baby changing supplies, and a medicinal care kit for recovering mom. Now we are working on getting some bright colors up there. Yesterday we started hanging pictures. Yep, nesting.

Part of this process meant going a huge 'superstore' that 'super horrified' us. We are not normally superstore shoppers (as superstores tend to involve cars and large parking lots). But we went to check out this big Canadian megastore because someone had recommended it as a place to buy large back support pillows. No pillows to be found - lots of other junk, though.

These stores are really fascinating. A lot of really really cheap junk that is really really difficult to find when you are looking for something in particular - and a store full of employees who have absolutely no clue where anything is (which gave us an idea about the likely pay scales). A sharp contrast to the mom-n-pop store down the road from us, where we walk in and say, "we need ..." and they walk us immediately to it.

We were able to forage for lots of items that were on our "list of things to have before baby comes" list, and we were astounded by how cheap the things were, ultimately. Still, I could actually see K's blood pressure rising as we moved through the store. The place was packed full of members of the Anti-Destination League (ADL), all looking for cheap plastic items for their homes. When we reached the checkout we actually received a $14 free gift for spending more than $175...a box of frozen, breaded, chicken tenders - the acquisition of which turned into a major production because they needed to find and scan the tenders. ugh. It was kind of hard to explain to the checkout lady that we didn't WANT the free gift. I said we have no room in our freezer. K said we were vegetarians. The lady said, "'s FREE."

Ultimately, we escaped unfettered by superstore chicken tenders.

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