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2007-11-01 - 7:58 a.m.

...very very sleepy....

Sleeping issues have begun this week. On Monday I was already questioning how I was going to make it through. I slept on the buses to and from work. I stayed for only a few hours (and boy was I cranky), and then came home and climbed right into bed.

But bed isn't entirely satisfying, partially because I cannot get comfortable, and partially because I'm a complete cat magnet - more so than ever before. My rounder shape seems to have created an irresistible cat jungle gym. The girls leap all over me at night, which ultimately is not all that restful. Inevitably, I wake up at least twice in the night to discover that one of the two beasts has scaled Mount Teranika and is perched like a jaguar on my rapidly aching hip. And she looks mighty pleased with herself. Normally these girls are sweet furry hot water bottles, and I have a soft spot for them because THEIR lives are about to be irrevocably changed, too. But this treating me like K-2 has to stop.

Tuesday was a bit better - and I was able to stay at work until late for a marathon (productive but long) faculty meeting, but I paid the price on Wednesday. It was another day of dragging my feet everywhere, and just wishing that I could stay home and cancel all of my appointments. I'm feeling overwhelmed by this sense that I don't want to do ANYTHING. I think that there must be a physical root in fatigue or hormones, which means that I shouldn't beat myself up about it. It will pass, I'll recharge, and work will proceed. But wow. Ennui.

Today I have to teach class, and tomorrow I'll be handed a pile of new papers to grade. So it better pass soon.

There were two great things that happened this week, however. I haven't mentioned recently how extremely superb my teaching assistant for this class has been. He is marvelous. THE best. I really liked my TA last semester, too, but this guy is really top. He is focused and interested and performs well above the call of duty. I am truly impressed with how he has come up with suggestions that have near single-handedly converted this course that I am teaching into an exciting and interesting class. On Tuesday afternoon, he came up with a brilliant idea for next week's class that has saved me time and effort. It was brilliant.

The other good thing of the week (and I am sure there is more) is that my co-editor for this special issue (which I hope we ultimately finish) suggested that I be listed as first editor. This was very nice, I thought. Oops - I'm going to be late so I should conclude.

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