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2007-11-06 - 7:57 a.m.

...morning activities...

Finally got a good night's sleep last night - I think it was related to being really really tired (and the consumption of 1 unit of white wine...). Probably also the adjustment to standard time.

So I was up promptly at 6am this morning, and thought of Ladyloo's recent question: So what do you DO in the morning? What are your routines? What do you WISH you could get done?

When my body uncharacteristically wakes me up with 6 am thoughts, I usually find myself in organizational mode, and this morning was no exception. For the past few mornings, I've been organizing the closets and bottom shelves, with the knowledge that it will need to be baby-proofed, and also that it will soon need to have space for the accessories of a third family member.

Yesterday, I cleaned off my 'table' and purged lots of junk from the bottom shelf of my office shelf in the solarium. This morning I refolded towels, rearranged; purged old bottles of stuff; consolidated feminine products into baskets; moved some toxic cleaners to higher shelves; and made room for all of the kitty litter. I also folded the dry laundry and then started to empty the dish washer before my tea was ready. There's quite a lot one can do in the first hour of the morning, if one is feeling active. Hey, if it happens, go with it (which is my same reaction to any day that I feel comfortable with walking - if there's no pain, walk whether I'm tired or not - because the only way to get to sleep at night is to be exhausted.)

I guess that yesterday was surprisingly productive, although half of it was lost to doctor's appointment, and the other half was spent in committee meetings. ugh. Today will be spent reviewing more job candidates, and then grading. It would be nice to do something other than that.

PREGGO REPORT: I basically had good news from the specialist yesterday. She's said that even though I'm still measuring a full month larger than normal due to the fibroids, they have continued to shift out of 'harm's way,' in terms of having a natural birth. They have not been overly problematic, apart from occasional bouts of pain when I go through a growth spurt. Other than that, my blood pressure remains an ideal 90/60, the baby has a fabulous, strong heartbeat, and kicks me all the time. I'm functioning well, and still feeling strong and good, and remain 4 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. All good.

And now I have to rush off and deal with lab stuff. I may update on this topic shortly...or I may finish thinking about what my NORMAL morning routine actually is, in comparison with ladyloo's amazingly ambitious a.m. aspirations - how's that for alliteration...

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