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2007-11-22 - 8:24 p.m.

...if you're going to fall, do it in front of a lady in uniform...

Today after I finished class at 12:30, I got sucked into another 2 1/2 hours of administration for setting up the lab. This meant that I didn't get lunch until 3pm, and I was really pretty darned tired and low on blood sugar.

I went and bought myself lunch in the hopes of regaining some energy...and then just kept moving down that slippery slope of fatigue instead. And my abdomen went into one of those great moments of super tightness - WAY uncomfortable. Painful, in fact. So I just hopped on the bus to come home.

Unfortunately, I hit rush hour, which meant I found myself crammed onto the sky train. I don't push myself onto the train these days - I stand back to avoid getting crushed. And so as a result I was the last one through the door, and as the train lurched forward, so did I. Down I started to go. And in my tired state, I burst forth with an expletive as I fell.

Luckily, a sky train officer was standing right next to me, immediately saw what was happening, and caught me before I fell or hit anything or anyone. She immediately cleared some people out of a seat for me, and so I sat and just closed my eyes...feeling all of those muscles that had just ceased up to protect me from the fall.

I was so tired. And this woman was just so nice. She kept a watch on me for the next ten minutes or so...which is why she saw the involuntary tears that came down my cheeks. I wasn't sad, I wasn't badly hurt, I was just TIRED. And a little bit jostled. And she was so nice to me. Sniff.

She saw the two tears slide down, and she saw me rub the side of my stomach and my lower back that was beginning to ache. And checked on me one last time through the crowded train, to make sure that I didn't need any special help. It was nice to have a guardian angel.

I assured her I was okay, and after she left the train I called K and asked him to pick me up at the station. Now I am lying in bed, still nursing a few aches from the muscles tightening, and still really tired. I have a long couple of weeks ahead of me still.

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