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2007-11-23 - 2:00 p.m.

...boring schedule stuff....

Today's class was pretty okay - I had a guest speaker - a really good guest speaker, too. Afterwards I met with one of my students to start outlining his thesis. He's ready to be moving forward - a real work-hard play-hard guy.

Now I think it is time to go home, because really, it's time to invest in some sleep. K has not been sleeping at all. It happens every full moon, so it seems. I'm actually married to a werewolf. This morning when I came downstairs at quarter til six, he was still typing at his computer. The cats were deeply confused. They stayed up all night with him, and then had to choose between breakfast or sleep. (not surprisingly, they chose food.) K tromped up the stairs shortly thereafter and climbed into bed. I'm not certain what the furrballs did, because I left for work shortly thereafter.

I don't like it when K stays awake all night. It already feels odd sleeping without all of us (K, me, Mizzy, Lyra) piled in the bed, and on nights that he stays downstairs, the cats tend to stay with him. Two nights ago, he stayed downstairs and shut the office door so that I wouldn't see the light or hear his typing. That freaked me out even more. Because I woke up, none of them were there, and the house was silent. In that weird half-dream state, I had the sensation that I'd been abandoned. I went downstairs to find them all.

Sunday will be our all-day, 7 hour birthing class, to be followed up with a 2-hour breast-feeding class (K has declined to attend the latter). Blighty has suggested that I be prepared for the possibility that the courses might take longer than the actual birth...

On Monday-Wednesday I will have three solid days of equipment installation in the lab. This was the only time for which this could be rescheduled. Somewhere in that time I will be attending an emergency faculty mtg as well. Then, on Wednesday evening, K and I go for our "birth briefing" with Doc 1. Birth Briefing with Doc 2 (they are beginning to sound like Dr. Su3ss characters - Doc 1, Doc 2) will happen the following Monday, followed by a department party, and a meeting out at the Peninsula.

I will be able to slow down by Dec 10, it seems. In the meantime, I'm demanding seats on every form of public conveyance.

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