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2007-11-24 - 7:51 a.m.

...hanging out and counting crows...

Yesterday afternoon, I came home a bit early and climbed into the guest bed that we've installed in K's office, and just bugged K for a couple of hours. It had this nostalgic feel of being back in college, and going down the hall to a friend's dorm room and climbing on their bed and keeping them from writing a term paper. I don't remember if I actually ever did that...I must have, though.

Smells of splendid Indian food and rice came wafting up through the floor boards...and we both got hungry. I started looking through Vancouver restaurant guides to see where we could find Indian food. hmmm. Nothing close by. So we settled on the Vietnamese / Cambodian / French restaurant across the street. It was AWFUL. So we had Haagen Dazs ice cream instead. ;-) It really WAS like being back in college.

It's almost 8am and it's still dark outside. Well, it's light enough to see the birds flying over the skeletons of trees. We live on the pathway of the crows, and every evening at dusk, it's possible to see hundreds / thousands of them flying home over our house, to roost at the rookery at some point in the east. One thing I've realized..I've never ever seen them flying west in the morning. Either we're not on the westbound crow highway, or they wake up at different times instead of flying en masse downtown to work.

Crows are smart birds...and iconic to this part of Vancouver. Last year one of my friends said, "you can't live in Strathcona without an original painting of a crow in your home." Last week was the East Side Culture Crawl - when East Side artists all open up their studios to the general public - K, Jill, and I visited just one warehouse full of loft studios, and we saw LOTS of those local crow paintings...

It's strange to think that Jill was visiting us just one week ago. It feels like it's been ages. Jill was my colleague and best buddy from Dutchess, and she flew in to Vancouver just to visit for a day. It's strange to think that she was here for just a day, because we fell so immediately into our comfortable banter that we used every second of time having a blast. It was great. God I miss her. And now she's seen the Vancouver crows, too.


p.s. I was going to entitle this entry in honor of the Natalie Imbrugl1a song "pigeons and crows" - but then I pulled out the CD and realized for the first time that I've been misunderstanding the lyrics for the past 8 years. It's "Pigeons and CRUMBS." oy. what a dork.

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