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2007-11-25 - 8:27 p.m.

..prenatal in a day...

I'm about to head up to bed as I have to get up early for the three-day instrument installation that begins tomorrow morning bright and early....ugh.

But today K and I were up bright and early to attend our all-day "prenatal in a day" birthing course. It was long. But surprisingly good. There were of course a few boring moments. But overall the registered nurse who ran the course was well-informed, good with people, and patient with many types of people. K felt that he came away with some useful information, too (apart from, "where do we park?")

It was a long day, and some parts were a bit, well, tense. Cloudy, I believe, termed it "very vagina" or something like that. Well, it sounds like our films were a little less 'vv' than hers. Our nurse presented the 5-minute-birth by stuffing a baby doll and a stuffed-placenta doll into something that looked like a blue, hand-knit cap, which she called the uterus. So we watched the baby pop out of a blue winter hat. We were doin' well with this. Even "James" the real sporty macho guy who said he didn't want to see any bloody stuff thought he could deal with a blue-knit cap birth. But he was in for a shock when the real films came on. He hid behind a pillow and then excused himself from the room.

It was kind of strange to sit in a room full of people who are so different from me, but who are going through the same thing at about the same time. I am really glad that I am involved in yoga - because I would have felt completely isolated if this class were my only exposure to pregnant people. I was NOTHING like any of them, and connected to NONE of them.

I never thought of myself as a yoga personality, either. But, well, maybe I am - I feel much more in tune with the slightly disheveled yet earthy women who show up to stretch their arms over their heads and practice breathing in preparation for birth. These women aren't embarrassed to breathe in front of other people...

Anyway, it was a long day - we came home and I tossed together a curry and then K and I hung the outside Christmas decorations. Done. Now it's up to bed with a nice cup of tea.

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