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2007-12-09 - 9:27 a.m.

...results of squirreling...

There is a white coating of frost, or perhaps it is a white dusting of snow, on the rooftops, porches, and grass this morning. The light is December grey, and the crows are slowly meandering through our neighborhood on their way downtown. I can see all this from my desk (which is actually K's antique chess table) at the solarium window.

K and I were very active squirrels yesterday. Very active. I reorganized more cupboards, unloaded dishes, packed a suitcase for the hospital, folded the clean laundry, walked down to 'mean yoga,' and made a spinach soup for dinner and for the deep freeze. Diligent K vacuumed and mopped all the floors, cleaned the bathroom, fastened most of the bookcases to the walls, did the grocery shopping, and cooked an apple cake.

We were tired - I am not sure if it was the squirreling or the mean yoga, but I was debilitated yesterday evening. Could not move. Terrible back pain. In fact, I was having problems all through mean yoga - my feet were so swollen that it hurt to stand on them, so I quietly sat on the ground and tried to release some of the pressure, and did my own little stretching routine while the rest of the yoga monsters moved through warrior positions. When they finally joined me on the floor, I hobbled through the positions - it was not entirely the relaxing yoga experience that one hopes for...

In fact, it was rather frustrating because I can no longer get myself into many of the positions that the instructor recommends for stretching out hips and back. I've got this massive bump in the way. So all of these ladies around me are still yoga gumby people, even two weeks before delivery. I know, I know, you don't compare yourself to other people. I wasn't really comparing or trying to be better than they were. I was just feeling envious - a big, clumsy, envious, bloated, WHALE. yeah, yeah. And like a good yoga student, I acknowledged these feelings and moved on.

Luckily, the "moving on" part involved driving out to a store to buy me one of those full body pillows. WOW. I thought it was hype. Especially in my debilitated state, the pillow was a slice of heaven. Lyra loved it, too, and spent all night trying to curl her furry little feline body halfway onto the pillow, and halfway onto me. She may still be upstairs curled into the pillow - no wait, I just opened another box (K's Christmas present) and she is happily exploring the insides.

So...I guess it's time to think about breakfast food.

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