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2008-01-08 - 10:38 a.m.

...trip to mountain u and other mental meanderings...

Naturally, because I have to go up the mountain today, the weather gods have dumped snow upon us. I normally love snow, but not when my only pair of fitting shoes are house slippers, and Mountain U's reputation for snow and ice removal is lacking. I can't wait to slide between the buildings and down the mountain in attempts to get between office and admin. Also, this is the first week of classes, which means the buses will be zoo-like. Grumble grumble grumble...

Yesterday's flavor of frenzy was cleaning. The tree went out the back door (sniff), and the last of the baubles went into boxes. I remember that somehow, when I was a little kid, taking DOWN the Christmas tree was as exciting as putting it up. Whatever happened to that? Now it's just a little bit tedious - mostly because I insist on putting the Christmas tree lights back into their same little tiny plastic light-holders in which they came (which I think makes K need to leave the room.)

I decided to clean all of the Swedish crystal candle holders and the kitchen sink, which was a brilliant task for me because there is no bending involved (and because the sink was, well, pretty gross.)

Steel wool is simply miraculous stuff - but don't ya wonder how those steel sheep ever get together to reproduce? -

HA! That joke STILL cracks me up.

And it reminds me of some of my favorite German expressions from K, that of course he translates directly into English: Let me clarify that I am NOT making fun of him. I LOVE these expressions.

1. When I am serious, businesslike, and lacking all humor, he says that I am in "no victims" mode. (which I think means "taking no prisoners").

2. When I seem to be hinting at something but not coming right out and making my point directly, and he finally understands what I want, he says, "AHA! Now comes the monkey out of the sleeve!!" (this is my favorite).

3. When we are working separately on our little lists of tedious chores, he says that we "have our own hedgehogs to comb." (now you can see how the steel wool joke inspired this little aside).

4. When he's been waiting a long time and working forever to accomplish a goal, and it is finally finished, he says, "the stone has finally fallen from my heart."

5. When I'm making a lot of snide jokes at him, he will ask me if I "ate a clown for breakfast."

I love these. They will never cease to make me smile.


Another box of baby stuff arrived yesterday afternoon - a MASSIVE PILE OF PINK. Wow. This is amazing. We haven't bought a single item of clothing, and we already have too much for our chest of drawers. An embarrassment of riches. We will have to be sure that these wonderful clothes from friends and family find a good home one Baby outgrows them.

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