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2008-01-13 - 8:11 p.m.

...just a normal sunday....

This evening, I walked about 4-6 blocks, and wandered through two stores. And that was enough. But at least it was more active than yesterday when I lay on the sofa and stared into space for an entire day. What was THAT about? (I know, I know. hormones).

Today the Teranika house was the House of Cranky. I started out the day as the household grouch - I didn't want to talk to anyone, and was pretty ready to blame every world problem, well, on K. (he was conveniently there, you know, and obviously the source of everything wrong.) But life got a little better for me after a decaf coffee, a glass of orange juice, and a piece of bread.

That was enough to get me through a bit of cleaning (dishes, stove, microwave, laundry, dusting, and windows - my mother arrives on Tuesday, you know) before sneaking upstairs, out of the way, to finish up some office work - read through two papers that I needed to finish in order to write a reasonable letter of recommendation for a student.

And that's about when K took over the job of cranky. Kranky K - who avoided boosting his blood sugar with ANY FOOD AT ALL - did laundry, put away Christmas stuff in storage, cleaned the litter boxes, fed the cats, cleaned the office/guest room, disabled the TRULY ANNOYING fan in the bathroom that sounds like a twin-engine cessna is landing on you while you pee, helped the landlord to re-install the wood panels on the top porch so that it is usable again, and installed the Red Phone. (more about the Red Phone soon).

Amid all of this puttering about, it became clear that one of our packed bags had been misplaced. I don't know if K MEANT for it to sound like it was my fault that the bag was missing...but that's how it sounded. Somehow *I* was responsible for its absence... This is about when I decided that it was time for me to vamoose. I stayed upstairs and out of the way until about 2pm, when I decided that food was needed before a true disaster in interpersonal relations struck - fixed a bread pudding and some tea.

And all was right with the world again. Phew. Oh, and it helped that in the process, K FOUND the missing bag (for the record, just between you and me, I had nothing to do with it's being buried in a box of cables in the office...).

So now all is good again - K and I went out for a drive to a variety of highly priced stores in search for a few last items (breakfast tray, coat hooks, lap desks). That's when the walking came in.

And now that we are back, and I'm fairly exhausted and staring into space again, K is still on a wild organizational kick. Help, I've created a monster. nah nah, it's all good. He's working on our upstairs 'entertainment center' - making it so that we can easily access music and computer resources up here, which is great. And very involved. But you know what? I benefit - and I'm really loving this upstairs area now that we've ueber-organized it. I sit in the chair during the day and enjoy the sunlight. I sit on the bed in the evening, wrapped in thousands of prenatal pillows, and either work on my laptop, read, or watch a movie. This has gone from a bedroom to a living space. It's very very cool. (Now all we need is to get the heating to work up here...).

One last comment before I move on to the whole Red Phone thing. I remember back in college and grad school when I would call home and my mother would detail to me a long list of all of these household things that she and GFKAMB had accomplished. I used to wonder if they ever just HUNG OUT - their lists just sounded so freakin' EXHAUSTING. And now, if I go back through any of these blog entries since October, I realize (in slight horror) that I've become my mother. I say only slight horror, because I happen to think that my mother is exceedingly cool. But eegads, the household chores! The lists! The chronic organizing! I gotta stop the insanity, man.

But you know, two more things about ueberorganization and me and my mother. Okay, four things really.

(1) I still do not describe in excruciating detail every item of food that I eat.

(2) I also do not feel compelled to read every single street sign that we pass on the road out loud (okay, maybe just one in three...).

(3) I can still maintain one conversation without leaping onto an oncoming train of thought before anyone else in the room sees it coming.

(4) I don't yell out crossword puzzle clues from the top floor of the house down to the first floor of the house, in the hopes that someone will reply with the correct answer to Will Shortz's challenge.

Okay, five things. But I HAVE come to realize that the benefit of doing all of this stuff is that, at the end of the day, it REALLY feels like all of this squirreling has made our little domicile a kinder, gentler home. I get that sense that I've really done something.


That could mean that in another 10-20 years, this blog will be describing 30 different kinds of bean soup...what's a five-letter word for bean, anyway? look out.

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