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2008-03-11 - 6:45 p.m. at the office...

Whoa - may I say that I like the new layout?? thanks. I've said it. I wasn't so sure when the page came up black and the stuff I was lookin' for was spread all over the place. I prefer the blue to black. And I much prefer having all of the commands on the left side where they're supposed to be. Change is okay as long as it's not alienating. For example, I think I'd have a tough time if my supermarket moved the location of the milk and cheese on me. I need a certain amount of stability...

I took the babe to work today, for the sole purpose of showing her off. It's kind of hard to explain that you have a baby that doesn't really cry when the little kid is screaming her head off. I also learned that most people are REALLY uncomfortable when you make jokes about crying babies. For example, when I say (as baby is screaming at top of lungs), "Guess she really doesn't like being dipped in hot oil." people look slightly stunned. Oh well.

Nevertheless, Susi was a hit. Cute, small, smiley, with a touch of baby pattern baldness. I only felt slightly ill once, when the secretary baby-talked her. ugh. I didn't really believe that people seriously ooghy googhy booghied babies. It's scary.

The strange part of the day was learning that two of the three students that I accepted may be claimed by other faculty members. Sigh. I'm not looking forward to these little cafuffles. Still, I'm not going to worry about it. There are better things to worry about.

Blighty is gone, leaving a ton of wonderful leftover pasta dishes in her wake. Blighty had three children and it never dawned on me that it might have been useful for me to offer to go and stay with her - to help with diapers, dishes, laundry, food, baby holding, or just to provide an ounce of sanity. I didn't know enough about this world to be able to do what was probably most needed. It makes me sad to think that I could have been a better friend - or at least I could have been the friend that she has been to me. K and I both miss her.

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