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2008-03-28 - 11:56 a.m.

...the power of music to help you rememeber...

It's snowing a beautiful fluffy snow today - enough reason for the family to have a lie-in today. (like, we need any excuses these days...) So we did, sorta. Well, they had a lie-in. I was SITTING in, wide awake, serving breakfast to the tiny one. And shortly thereafter I sat there, with EVERY member of the household (cats included) sleeping around me. Ho hum. Dum. dee dee deee...... BORING.

Well. So I got up, got dressed, strapped the bairn to my chest, and came downstairs for some cookin' luv.

I've also put on my ENTIRE James Taylor collection - stored on the good ol' iPod - and I've been boogie-ing around the kitchen as I make snowy-weather comfort food.

Today was just a JT kind of day, and so I even put it on upstairs. And the K said, "this is nice music, who is this?" And then I realized that I had failed in my job as an American. He didn't know James Taylor.

So I told him all about one of my all-time favorite musicians. I pointed out the Joni Mitchell cameo in the back of one of the songs. I explained that Carol King actually wrote this particular song. I explained that the "holy host of others standin' around me" were the Beatles, while James was still "on the dark side of the moon" in his career. And how my sound-engineer friend Joe and I used to play JT on my old cedar-top guitar in my apartment in Ny@ck, and that this is one of my fondest memories of the mid-90s. Joe is a HUGE JT fan, and even accidentally walked into JT's crotch at JR records in Manhattan (long story - but it made Joe's day. month. perhaps decade.). I told that story to K, too.

And then I had to call Joe. So I came downstairs and looked up his studio number on the web, and gave him a call. Joe, has had another dark year. Joe is the KING of dark years, unfortunately, but about ten days after Susi was born, Joe's mother died. Mothers tend to be important to everyone, but in this case, Weezy was a stabilizing force in Joe's life. He lived with her and had his studio in his house until he was nearly 40.

Weezy was over 80, nearly deaf, and had been plagued with health problems for some time. But she always kept her wits. Joe spent a lot of time with her, talked about her, worried about her, visited, and joked with her as she grew older. Even though I'm certain that he could rationalize that it was time for Weezy to go, I'm equally certain that her passing was quite a blow, and that he misses her terribly.

So when I called, I wasn't sure how Joe would be, but in the end we were both just so happy to talk to each other. It was a short call - an upbeat call. And it was nice to reconnect. I miss Joe.

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