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2008-04-07 - 12:50 p.m.


Trying to spend most of today in bed with this cold, although I'm quite tired of staying indoors, and I am even more tired of Funcouver rain. I hate colds. I hate grey. I hate the doldrums when they descend like this. I am suffering from ennui. When you think of it, "ennui" is kind of an onomatopoeic way of describing the sounds you emanate when your nose is stuffed up.

Ennui. ugh.

At least Susi is getting better. But this cold totally threw off her sleep schedule. Poor girl is so tired and yet is fighting sleep like it's a horrible demon. Poor K is downstairs trying to convince her otherwise, which means he is dealing with a howling child. He's trying to give me a chance to rest alone which means he's taken on the burden of putting the recalcitrant child into the cot repeatedly. Right now there is silence on the first floor. That could mean success, or it could mean that he finally caved and put her to sleep on his lap.

Ennui. Cough. Snurp.

We've set up an appointment with our tax attorney on Thursday afternoon. Haven't quite figured out what we are going to do with the little one during this time. I'm envious of those people who are doing taxes by hand in workbooks. I suppose it is possible when you earn income in one country, and in fact our Canadian taxes were relatively simple, except for having to account for income in three countries. The US taxes were less difficult this year because we had already acquired a tax ID number for K and because we lived exclusively in one country, and did not have to differentiate between bona fide residence and physical presence tests. Yet there are still four different scenarios that we could follow to file in the US; and the methods for calculating exclusions, deductions, and foreign tax credits are not so simple that I could just write it out in a booklet. I've needed to download and fill out five different linked forms in addition to the standard tax forms. I'm getting much better at maneuvering my way through US/Canadian tax treaties, which believe me is about as much fun as shaving my head with a cheese grater.

Ennui. Snurggle. Schlloop.

I still have work emails that are nagging at me, and a paper deadline looming. I'm worried about planning things for my students. I wonder if I will ever be able to feel divorced from work. I miss it, and to a certain extent, I fear not doing it, which is much worse. If I could come up with some way of changing this feeling, I would do it in a flash. I am hoping that having two days per week away in the office will help to alleviate my feelings. I need to accomplish something - getting a paper out would help immensely. Or maybe just seeing the sun again. I'm fighting the urge to rearrange furniture again. Or just bake muffins.

We'll see. Perhaps when the fog of this cold lifts I'll feel better automatically.

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