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2008-04-13 - 10:56 a.m.

...a day for placido flamingo....

Oy. Sunburn. But only on my chest, my nose, and my right arm. There you have it. We weren't out that long yesterday, but long enough to expose my skin to damaging UV-B. Luckily, Susi was well covered.

We've got another warm day of sun, and so I've dug through all of the baby clothing that was sent to me and found Susi an electric green jumpsuit with a huge pink flamingo on the front of it. Now she looks ready to drink margaritas on a beach in florida... Bring on the Jimmy Buffet, I say!

Today I've realized that she's outgrowing her first batch of newborn clothing. Kind of exciting. She's put on about six pounds since her birth, and grown a whopping 10 centimeters. And it's all made out of milk. She's still in the 25-50th percentile for weight, but has jumped to the 75th percentile for height. Yo. We see that she isn't getting her height from her short stubby mother.

Actually, I'm beginning to suspect that Susi will indeed be blue-eyed. Her eyes are shaped like mine, but they have the same shade as her father's. Fascinating. Mine are a definite almond brown, which trumps blue in terms of genetic dominance. So this can only mean that I'm a Bb, and I've got my grandmother's recessive blue in there somewhere. Ahem. I'm being a geek again.

But really, I always thought that my short stubby genes would win out. I just assumed it would happen. I guess I'm egoistic that way. Oh well, I have nothing against having a tall, slender, strawberry-blonde, beautiful blue-eyed girl child, if it must be.

Today we are taking a walk in a different direction, over to Micha's place. It will be another long walk, which is good for me. I've kept off the 20 pounds I lost on my weird accidental pregnancy diet, but yesterday's walk made me realize how little exercise I've been doing, apart from growing a child, which isn't exactly aerobic. Yesterday's walk was all of 6km - nothing for me, normally. But it ended in aching back and hip flexors. Definitely time for me to get back out there and get moving on a more regular basis.

ooo. my iPod is on shuffle. I know because I've just gone from Wagner's Parsifal, to Jerry Garcia's early version of "Angel Band," to some French chanson by Patrick Bruel, to a flamenco guitar piece. Shuffle turns my musical life into a crazy quilt that mixes and replays all of my passing musical fads. (Except for the Wagner - I really don't know how that got there.) It's pretty cool, though. ooo, here's some Christmas thing from the KingsSingers. Time to move on.

And indeed it is time to move on - I want to buy plants for the pots before we leave. Grab yourself a gorgeous Sunday, everyone.

Have a wonderful Sunday,

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