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2008-04-16 - 2:06 p.m. goddesses....

I went to work yesterday, and it was rather good. No really, it was quite affirming. I stayed for an afternoon of work - in particular, a PI meeting for a proposal that was recently funded (yay). It was a good meeting, and it felt good to be back in the swing of things.

It was also good to be appreciated just for coming out during maternity leave, and to meet with some people who were impressed with my (our) ability to function smoothly with a new baby. Susi is a super easy child, and therefore I begin to look like a 'power mom' who 'can have it all.' (someone else's words, not mine.) Oh how interesting to see the impression of someone on the outside looking in.

The best part of the day, though, was coming home and happily dedicating uninterrupted time to Susi. No computers. No TV. No phone calls. No housework. We lay on the sofa and cuddled and cooed, and played with her favorite toys. I confirmed my own suspicion that taking time away is enough to make the time with her of a much higher quality.


Today we went to get the NEXT set of passport photos for little Susi - this time for the US of A. Our appointment at the US Embassy is this Friday, and we'll be applying for a US birth certificate, a social security number, and a passport in one go. (we hope it is one go...). Outrageous stories of American bureaucracy to follow, I'm sure.


I feel like a tax goddess. (humor me). I finished and submitted our Canadian taxes two weeks early. I finished and submitted our US taxes two MONTHS early. Our meeting with the tax consultant wound up saving us over $500 (and that's after accounting for his huge fee.) And strangely enough, I'm beginning to get the hang of this stuff. and I'm fairly positive I'll forget it all by next year.

Canada supposedly allows you to submit EVERYTHING online. This would be absolutely fabulously cool....if it worked. Just like last year, we are a special case ... and there are always errors when I try to create an account, and when I call the help line, it is always busy, or the office I need is closed, and no one can seem to tell me what the problem is. Can't be bothered. I'll wait until next year (which is exactly what I said last year...)


OK. hungry. Of to forage in my kitchen.

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