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2008-04-27 - 9:01 p.m.

...whistler with bandy.....

A few minutes for an entry - although unfortunately I get them while I am trying to get little Susi to sleep - and she is rather interested in crying instead, so I am listening to tortuous sounds of a baby trying to fall asleep. Ugh. I really hate this.

We are back from Whistler, and had a pretty good time in the LOFT. It was, indeed, a LOFT, as bandy hadn't realized what LOFT meant. In our case it meant that every little noise was ECHOED AND AMPLIFIED to every single little corner of the place, and that all four of us were sleeping in ONE BIG ROOM. I always feel strange when I know that everyone can hear me peeing. It's a thing with me - and I knew things were gonna be bad the first time Bandy went in ... and I heard EVERY little tinkle. This time, I was more concerned about getting in the way of Bandy's vacation, and so every time that Susi so much as whimpered in the night, I got up to comfort her. By now, I am used to what the phrase "sleeping like a baby" REALLY means, and so I can sleep through the grunts and smrrhffles. Bandy is not.

And let me say that Bandy is SO not into babies. When he first saw Susi, he said, "she's missing a tail." (he is SO into cats). And one day when she was cooing happily at me on the sofa he said, "that's the sound that one of my cats makes just before he throws up on my bed." huh. SO NOT a baby person.

As usual with Bandy, there were awkward moments - in addition to his being SO NOT a baby person, he is also a complete loner, and very much into doing his own thing. I always feel like K and I are on the verge of irritating him. But every time the vacation ends, he wants to come back and do it again. He's already talking about a return trip in the Autumn. He makes me wonder. You know those people who make you just a little bit uncertain about whether or not they are going to continue to like you? And ultimately, after some rather tense moments, they end by telling you that they had a great time. Do they do this with other people? Or is part of what makes their vacation good the fact that you just let the tense moments slide? I sometimes think that the holiday works with the three of us because we just let him BE a loner and do his own thing, and just plan to meet up with him in the evenings.

Anyway, time for me to go - we did have a good time, and I will look forward to our next trip and MAYBE even get on some skis....

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