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2008-05-01 - 5:23 p.m.

...finally a spare moment....

I have so many things to share this week! After we got back from Whistler we showed bandy the way to the airport, and spent the weekend involved in more organizing.

This has been a week of fabulous deals. A close friend of the family gave us a generous present to help us purchase Susi's crib. We have been using a small loaner bassinet by the bed, but since Susi is sprouting like a weed, it looks like we are going to outgrow it a month or so early. The trouble is, there are very few cribs that will fit our bedroom - and our budget. The ones that do fit are priced to sell to Yaletown Yuppies with lots of money and little space. We had finally found a crib that matched our needs, but when we went back to the store, they were sold out. And for some unknown reason it was going to take them 12 WEEKS to get a new shipment of cribs from Montreal. (Must be that the camels were all busy so they are having to use turtles.) Although, the snooty store owner kindly offered to let us PAY for the crib NOW. uh huh.

The snooty store people also showed us one crib that was $200 more expensive .. and looked exactly the same as the crib that was sold out. ahem. Bad snooty store guy. And then of course there was the super dooper Norwegian crib that blighty found...which was super cool, super expandable to last the child ten years, and fit in our room...and cost oogabs more than ANY of the other cribs. Couldn't do it. UNTIL: K happened to go onto cra1gsl1st and discovered a used one on sale for less than half the new price. And we bought it. It is GORGEOUS. And even at less than half the price (saving us about $1000), it was STILL more expensive than our original solution. But it is SO VERY COOL. Our baby is in a Yaletown Yuppy crib. whoo hooo..

I also saved us about a grand on airplane tickets this week. I just happened to be cruisin' the aircanada website (as I am prone to do on bizarre bored occasions), and I just happened to hit the eXACT day that airfares went on sale. I found us summer tickets to the BIG O that were nearly a thousand dollars cheaper than last month! So I blew more money to secure our summer travel, too.

Not feeling very cashful at the moment...but of course, to top things off, I went out today and discovered that the house that I love - that blighty and K and I visited in March - is still for sale. It's still for sale! Well, I don't want to jinx anything...but we've emailed our real estate dude to see what's up with it. I still think it's a long shot. But when I walked past today and saw the cherry trees in blossom, with the mountains and city views framing the picture....I had to fantasize.

Okay - Susi continues to believe that she does not require naps. It's a new thing, she decided sometime, oh, yesterday. She is upstairs crying and has just past the tipping point - past which I know she will not calm herself. So time for me to go.

I will share stories of nannies, massages tainted by acupuncture, baby yoga, and the irritation of unwanted advice on parenting for my next time snack...

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