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2008-05-05 - 11:25 a.m.

...It's Funcouver so it's about time I talked about real estate....

I went to another baby shower yesterday and ran into the same circle of friends. I have a "circle of friends" now. Whoa. How's that for cool things? The weather was warm and wonderful and definitely great for the mile walk to the yoga studio where it was being held.

Even better, Micha finally made her public debut with her little boy, who is 10 weeks old now. She has been doing some serious cocooning, which has had me a little bit worried about her. Yesterday her hair was impeccable (she always has an impeccably cool haircut), and she finally fits into her pre-preggo shoes. But she looked very tired, and still sounded rather depressed rather than cheerful and happy. Her son still isn't sleeping at night. And she just doesn't look happy. K thinks that we should offer to take her boy for a day so that she can just do what she needs to do. I'm not even sure that this is the right thing to do - but what do you do? I will keep calling to invite her out for short walks in the sun. I just don't want to irritate her, especially if she is seriously depressed.

Afterwards, Klaus and I went to look at THE HOUSE. Well, actually, a duplex - but it is the first place we've seen that we would actually consider buying. It's the first place where I've felt, "I could live here." It has no view onto mountains or city, but I think it's the beautiful french doors that open into the private little garden that has me sold. With financial gifts from our parents we might even be able to afford it, although we will be mortgaged out the wazooo. I just don't know. I would much rather live in my happy little fantasy world where homes are affordable. And I'm loathing the moving-out conversation with our landlords (although I'm certain that our rent will be going up again).

When we moved in, the 4-coats-of-paint landlady asked us point blank how long we envisioned staying. I said two years. She said that she was looking for longer-term tenants, because she is into "community-building" and when her tenants move out, it "creates a hole in my heart." So K he envisioned staying five years... and we got the place. I should really stop sharing these stories. I'm painting a not-so-nice picture (with 4 coats, no less ;-).

Anyway, it was a lovely lovely house. I don't think that we will be able to get our act together in time to make a decent offer, though. K and I have decided to continue moving at our unhurried pace. If it stays available, it was meant to be. If it doesn't, well, there has been a slight correction in the market this term, so maybe waiting a few more months would not be a bad thing. Obviously, the places that make us happy do not go quickly (as this one has been on the market for two months instead of two days...)

Look at this. In Funcouver less than two years, and I can already hold my own in "let's talk real estate" gab. All I need now is to be able to jog around Stanley Park and talk loudly about my weekend of snowboarding and smoking weed, and I'll be a native..

Oops - that was snide.

But seriously, I need to be able to read a book again! I've been on the same book since January, and I've only made it to page 220. My brain is beginning to atrophy.

Oh well. K and I were talking last night about this house thing, and we decided that, well, we are in such good shape at the moment. We are healthy and well-fed and drink safe water. We have a lovely baby who sleeps, and two adorable cats. Our current living arrangements are luxurious (and well-painted). There are so few reasons to stress. We are so lucky.

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