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2008-05-07 - 10:29 a.m.

...the day after the first day back and Susi Report

Yesterday was my first day back in the office and it was GREAT. I had about 5 hours to do my thing, and I worked like a mad woman. I was so focused, I ripped through the stack of administration that needed to be dealt with. I was a miser with my time - little to no socializing - well, actually, I had a coffee with a new faculty member who had a birthday, but I do view that as an important part of being at work, too. I just got so much done! I already have a full list of things to do for tomorrow as well. It's amazing how procrastination goes out the window when you know this is the only time you have. And after such a break, I felt so excited about the projects I'm working on.

I came home to an extremely happy baby, too. Mary had played with her and helped her to take two long naps, and even learned a new trick for coaxing Susi back to sleep. Which brings me to:


Susi is 16 weeks old today, and will reach her 4-month-old landmark in one week. Last week, she tipped the scales at just under 13 pounds, and she's 62 cm long. She's outgrown her first batch of clothing (sniff), most sadly, her little froggy sleeper covered with green, blue and purple raindrops - so appropriate for Funcouver:

She holds her head up like a pro, brings both of her hands together, and has a masterful grip. Her favorite things to grip are the muslin cloths (from blighty), the skwish (also from blighty), and mom's breast (not from blighty). Her most used (sucked on) toy is a little panda rattle that we put on her wrist:

Her favorite song is "Duke of York," especially when he marches his 10,000 men (and her) up to the top of the hill. This always elicits a HUGE toothless grin. Her second favorite song is "Miau Miau" - a German song about one cat courting another, calling her up to the roof where they will sing together, hold paws, and get married. Her favorite place is still the changing table - she kicks up a happy little storm every time we place her there. She's also fond of her new crib, and loves to look at the picture quilt that her Oma made for her:

Susi has started experimenting with sound. By far the weirdest is her imitation of a creaky old door. (That must be what it is). Her cutest sounds are her coos, her half-laughs, and her little squeals of delight.

Her parents especially love that we are all getting very good at doing this:

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