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2008-05-17 - 9:39 a.m.

...end of week wrap-up...


I really wanted to get some work done this week...but I had to spend the time doing job renewal paperwork, which took up most of the precious two days that I had. hurumph. I got thirty minutes of work done on the book chapter. NOT impressive.

But the good news is that my student returned from the yUK where he learned a ton about modeling, and is super excited to start writing a paper this summer. My students have been wonderful, and also very appreciative of me as an adviser, which really warms my heart and makes me feel like I'm doing something right! My mother was so right. You just need to give people a little bit of support and kindness, and they will more than pay it back in kind!


I went back to my way-cool way-cheap way-tattooed and way-pierced salon student. She had another new tattoo that spelled "MOM" across the right side of her neck - it was a birthday present from her mother...

And of course she gave me another fabulous cut (AND color) for a ridiculously inexpensive price - and so I gave her a ridiculously large tip to celebrate her graduating this month (and her wedding ..). She's not supposed to reveal her new location to her clients, because it means stealing business from the salon...but she let it slip that she's rented s chair at a hot tattoo salon downtown. I have this great picture of me, near-40 straight-laced university prof, walking to the back of a tattoo salon to get my hair cut from someone who could pass as an original follower of the Ramones (although I doubt if she were even born then...) Anyway, I'm definitely throwing some business her way if I can. That girl has got her act together.


Yessirree Summer has arrived in funcouver, and so have the ANTS. They have found their way single file from the back door, across the kitchen sink, over the stove, past the pantry, all the way over to the coffee machine. I've been attacking the problem since 7 this morning, eliminating all possible food sources.

K asked why the cats aren't keeping the little army in check. The last time I saw Lyra touch an ant, she was about 14 weeks old, and exploring the terrace in the Beethovenstrasse. She was curiously trying to press her paw onto them. one. at. a. time. Apart from being rather inefficient, she quickly learned that cat paws are little sieves when it comes to ants. They slip right through them. Not very effective, but very cute. afraid we won't be using cat paws to solve this one...


Meanwhile, back in babyland, we have come to the conclusion that little Susi is teething, and we are none too happy about it. It's been near impossible to dry the tears and drool coming from our normally angelic and happy and well-rested child. Poor little mouse. I've finally gotten her to rest (she is asleep on my chest right now), but she has been nursing every 1 1/2-to-2 hours since yesterday evening, and whimpering that sad, high-pitched "something hurts, mommy" whimper. Poor little mouse. Needless to say, last night was a challenge for mom, who is a bit sleep-deprived.. I've found a couple of teething toys, but I'm still looking for one made of metal that I can throw in the fridge for her - teething as we know is kind of a recurring problem...


Okay folks, we already have established that I am short and sausagy. So it still cracks me up that I have a child who is off the charts in the height category! She's also snuck above the 50th percentile for weight, which amazes me when I think back to the days of "failure to thrive." Basically she's a long and lanky thriving child (with upwardly mobile teeth).

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